5 Cues That Your Roof Is Not A Spoof

6 mins read

Many people are not aware of the sheer importance when it comes to roof maintenance. The roofs are a pivotal point on a house and because of that, a properly maintained and sustainable roof is what every homeowner has to strive for. If you are still uncertain whether your roof is properly installed or you don’t know the quality of the shingles, read on to discover the most important roof cues. A non-trained eye can easily detect if anything is amiss, however, an expert is always a better and safer option.


 1. Regular cleaning

The first thing that must be taken into consideration is the regular roof cleaning. Even if you have bought top-quality shingles and tiles, without proper cleaning, those highly sustainable, not to mention expensive ones can crack or burst. Hail, storms, trees, mold, debris, and dirt can easily pile up. The only way to stop this is to clean the roof regularly, this way you can expand its durability. You don’t need to clean it weekly, but a monthly inspection is advisable. Do the thorough cleaning every spring and autumn, and a few minor cleanings throughout the whole year. Especially clean the roofing vents, chimney flashings, and rain gutters where most of the leaves and debris leftovers pile up.


 2. Roof preservation

Due to a hectic lifestyle and tedious working hours, there are times when we simply cannot dedicate our free time cleaning the roof. That is why investing a few bucks more into a better roof insulation and quality tiles is vital. Your roof shingles are exposed to various weather conditions such as hail, rain, sun, and wind, and those conditions could lead to cracking, curling and drying out the roof shingles. By using an organic patented oily formula to layer the entire roof, you can preserve your roof for a very long time. What is more, this organic formula can undoubtedly secure the lifespan of your roof and it will add years to the life of any type of shingles and roof tiling. When your roof is significantly preserved by adding natural coverings you don’t only save money, but you also have a green solution to protecting the environment as well.


 3. Climate fluctuations

In Australia, the weather can be sometimes rather unpredictable. It is due to a harsh Australian climate that many roofs tend to succumb to. Professional roofing contractors in Sydney have a very good knowledge about this type of damage. Various thermal fluctuations are not uncommon at all on this continent. Even the old heritage roofing constructions that are made out of zinc, slate, copper, or lead can suffer from decay. Metal roofs are more resilient, however, hail can easily damage even the hardest surfaces.  Inspecting your roof after every storm is one of the best ways of keeping it in the best condition possible.


 4.  Leakage inspection

Leaking is another signal for possible roof damages. Quite often leakage is not immediately visible to a naked eye but requires a thorough inspection. Leakage can occur after a heavy downpour, badly installed insulation, or when roofing tiles simply deteriorate with time. Other more visible leakages are noticeable after heavy rain, when you spot the water stains and mold forming. If a roof is adequately placed, as well as the insulation, you won’t need to worry about leaking. If leakage does occur, you need to act quickly. Once you’ve pinpointed the location, sanitize and repair the roof. If you have a solid roof, then the only option is replacing the bad shingles.


 5. A good support

One of the signs that you have a quality and safe roof is its core support. Again due to being exposed to different weather conditions, roofing can lose its lifespan over time. Having solid and firm wood trusses are the key to a steady and long-lasting support. Trusses have innumerable pluses. First of all, they provide overall strength of your roof, placed quickly, and with the right materials they can last more than 35 years. Engineered roof trusses are treated with fire retardant enabling them to be fire-resistant. Furthermore, trusses can be visually appealing. If you hire an experienced builder, they can build whatever roofing frames your desire.


Having a roof warranty is the best way to preserve your home from any hazards. So when considering all the above cues, have that in mind as well.