5 most commonly used Animation Apps for Android and iOS

5 most commonly used Animation Apps for Android and iOS

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Everyone in the marketing and entertainment industry currently is looking for a newer and innovative way to indulge in animation. One may wonder on the fact how influential is the animation industry growing today but with all the prominent growth that it is being occurred no one can question its potential. Presently it is being seen that businesses are all in for every sort of marketing tactic they can adapt to grow their visibility. Businesses mostly at the moment are highly investing in video design contents for their websites, video animations, SEO support and many other strategies such utilized as a marketing strategy. Animation apps are found on both platforms Android and iOS for users to enjoy as the growth just grows each time.

In this post most we’ll mainly focus on animation apps since most of the video animations being made are created by the help of them. As video animation is one of the most popular marketing tactic used currently and the tactic doesn’t seem to lose its strength any time soon. With the growth, the animation app industry is taking on their also is a simultaneous increase in the demand to hire app developers in Canada which is impacting remarkably. In today’s time animation is more or less like a key influence in which each and every area it is virtually adapted in. An animation app is seen for the users through two prospects firstly as entertainment or than on a professional level to make a career of an illustrator.

After extensive research carried out I have ranked according to market popularity the 5 most commonly used animation apps for both Android and iOS or either of them:

  • Animation Creator HD Free

Animation creator app is able to make the best use of the ability to make prime use of creative skills to professionalism. This application is one of the most advanced and powerful drawing tools that are available presently. The user-friendly aspect of it is the most indulging fact of if which allows the user to manage framework with convenience and in the most organized manner possible. You can achieve the most from the animation creator app to the highest horizon of your imagination.

  • StopMotion Recorder

StopMotion Recorder in the initial glance when viewed is seen with an interface which is simple and clear. Even though considerable seen it is one of the oldest tech used to create animations to this point even presently it is used in the field of cinema to make movies. With the association of this app creating a movie is quite simple though it requires much subtlety and patients. The application is most familiarized with the numerous options to opt from on how to save or even in the form to present it to audiences. Due to which is yet is one of the most popular animation apps.

  • Animation Studio by Sean Brakefield

Animation Studio by Sean Brakefield is a very popular application to create animation amongst Android users. It is considered as an ultimate adaption to convert your smartphone experience into a professional animation studio. It has the ability to transfer animations in formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI and even FLV. They are few specifically eight key features of animation studio app specifically the scrollbar, band scrolling that also allows removing unrequired frames from your animation videos.

  • LookSee Animator

LookSee Animator is a much more mod adaption which is best featured to create movies that are able to make slow motion and time lapsed tech animations. That allows the movie to create the animation video through your cell phones cameras with the best possible results. Once the animation video content is compiled it has the ability to be connected with a relevant animation. LookSee Animator is able to interact the camera to the sensor to configure it by using a set timer or by selecting the button on immediate bases.

  • Stick Draw- Animation Maker

Since a few years now one of the most fun indulgences for a kid is to be able to draw via a pad to create/draw. Even though this activity in the present time can be attained in a much more advanced manner and with modern features than to the Stick Draw Animation Maker is a much-demanded app. The app is provided for free as well which is the basic application but for added professional features and advertisement, free use payment is required.