5 Ways To Use Excel In The Workplace

5 Ways To Use Excel In The Workplace

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Microsoft Excel is a valuable tool that many people and businesses use to create spreadsheets. The most common uses of Excel are to help businesses build and maintain their budgets, to create graphs and charts, and to help organize and keep data. While these are the ways that Excel is most frequently used, there are other ways that Excel can be used in the workplace. From data analysis to teaching, here are five ways that a company can take advantage of Excel.

Notice Trends

When putting information into an Excel spreadsheet, there are a variety of ways that a company can store their data. By using keywords or separate tabs, the data can be organized in different ways. This allows the business to see trends that might otherwise be hard to see. As a result, they will be able to develop their marketing strategy to work with those trends. In addition, with all the information stored in one convenient location, the people who are looking for those trends have all the data that they need.


Excel is useful when creating presentations. The features of Excel can be used to convert the data into charts and graphs. These can be shaded however the company likes and will have a professional quality to them. The data will also be pulled from the spreadsheet, making the result more accurate. These pieces can be used in presentations.

Data Analysis

Once all the data is stored in an Excel spreadsheet, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There can be a ton of information, and sometimes, it can seem like there is no way to sort through it all. Excel, however, has a feature called a Pivot Table, which helps the person using the spreadsheet to search, condense, and focus their search on the dataset. There are also companies, like Jet Reports, that specialize in creating and helping companies implement systems that assist with data analysis.

Sharing Information

The data available in Excel is actually fairly easy to share with coworkers and supervisors. Because it is part of the Microsoft Suite, it is available online and, as a result, accessible to anyone with the link. If it has been shared with someone, they will be able to access the information in the spreadsheet. It can also be sent to other people via email. There is no need to print out the pages.


While teachers use Excel to store grades or to create lesson plans, there are some companies that use Excel for other purposes. One company actually uses Excel to help their pilots learn how to fly a wide variety of aircraft. The program helps them create diagrams and charts, which can then be accessed by the employees.

Although it may seem like a fairly standard part of the Microsoft Office Suite, Excel is a valuable tool. Not only can it be used to store data, it can be used to share ideas, to create presentations, to teach, and to analyze data. Having a knowledge of the workings of the Excel software is a wonderful skill to have, especially in today’s technologically advanced world.