Android Developers: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Realm

Android Developers: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Realm

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In this article, we discuss a lot of questions around databases for android application development. We have done aware of on database which we can use in the android app.

I have found multiple databases like Berkeley DB, SQLite alternatives and Object-Relational Mappers and Realm that support data storage in android application. But I have found following two databases overview of the mobile database landscape which is best for Android application development.

  • SQLite Database
  • Realm Database

If you want to make a fast and reliable Android application, its need to store app data somewhere and pay attention to several factors of development. Since there are several each and every option, we can decide which to help you with the choice and compare suits for two the most popular database solutions for Android development.

It’s a high time to see who will win a constant difference between SQLite and Core Data and why we should choose Realm in Android application development.

About Realm:

What is Realm database? Realm is a previous database solution and a replacement for SQLite. The Realm Mobile Database is available for Android (Java), iOS, Objective-C, and Swift, Xamarin, React Native and Node.js. A realm is very easy to install and mostly used for mobile app development.

What’s really great about Realm is very efficient and simple database and that you can be queried and filtered all the work with a couple of lines of code. To understand with Realm, all you need is at least versions iOS 8 or OS X 10.9.

Why Realm:

A Realm is incredibly not only very well built, but also very fast and easy to use and you will see the ultimate solution for storing data with you can handle all the work with a couple of lines of code. Here I will try to collect all advantages and reasons for why Realm is the most preferred choice of database for in your mobile app:

Extremely Simple: Realm is actually really simple compared to SQLite. It is much more laconic and requires are even allowed to write the data code. It’s not an SQL database, it’s a NoSQL database. The Realm can query up to 57 records/sec. It’s is a much faster than an ORM. Also, the database files are shareable between iOS and Android. So it will be easy to retrieve the performance and maintenance of data from the database.

Speed: As we’ve noticed, Realm database is faster than SQLite for Android development. One of the most important advantages of Realm is its compromise of speed. The Realm can the queries speed up to 57 records/sec, whereas SQLite can do only up to 20 records/sec.

Cross Platform: The Realm Mobile Database is cross-platform and can be supporting both iOS and Android. It’s available in Objective-C and Swift. Realm Object any separate server process is ready to run on your servers or on your high-level models.

Good Documentation & Support: Realm worked really hard on their documentation so you will not phase any kind of problem and you will easily find your answer. Realm comes with great documentation and if you have any problems you can reach its official website for more details.

Additional Features: Realm has lots of modern features, such as JSON support, encryption support, and fluent API, data change notifications with all these awesome features, Realm is completely free. They are very responsive and provide you always a great bonus for all developers.

Final Thought:

The Realm database to build queries and very speedy if you need really fast and easy to use solution for storing and processing data in an internal database like SQLite in Android. I hope you find this blog post very helpful while next choice to build the app with Realm Database in Android. Let me know your experiences with Realm and tell us more about your app idea in the comments below.

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Happy Coding!!

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