Does Your Fence Need Repairs? Here’s What To Watch Out For

Does Your Fence Need Repairs? Here’s What To Watch Out For

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Installing a fence around your property is a must, whether it is a commercial space or your home. If you have small children or pets, having a fence is unavoidable for safety and privacy reasons. Even if you take the best possible care of your fence, there are still going to be some unavoidable repairs required due to wear and tear after a period of time.

It is a good idea to consider the potential repairs that your fence will need so you can roughly calculate your costs as well. So what types of repairs might your fence need in the future? That depends on the type of fence that you have installed on your property. Different fences will have different issues due to their different materials and their performance.

For example, if you have a double swing gate installed on your fence, you might require a new drop rod for it. On the other hand, a rolling gate will require new steel wheels if they get damaged over time. Both types of gates must be attached to a fence in order to stand correctly. A fence can also need repairs from vehicle collision, vandalism, theft, water damage and of course, wear and tear.

How Long Will a Repair Take?

Depending on the size of the damage, the repair time can be estimated, but generally the process involves setting new posts and stretching the fence wire using quick setting cement. All of this is completed within one day. If you have a chain link mesh, a type commonly found in Apple Valley, then this fence repair will take a day, for most cases.

What Are Some Common Reasons That Lead to Fence Repairs?

A few basic reasons may lead to your fence requiring repair work. These include:

– Trees: If you live in a wooded area, severe winds or storm can easily lead to a branch or an entire tree falling on your fence. This can cause either a part of the fence or perhaps the entire fence to get damaged. This is a common reason for a fence repairs in areas that receive heavy rains as well.

– Car Trouble: Another common reason for fence repairs is when you accidentally crash your car into your fence when reversing in your driveway or when entering your home. This is an easy mistake that anyone can make and is especially easy to do if you have children who are learning how to drive.

– Pets: One particular pet that can damage your fence is a dog. Maybe your dog loves to chew his way through your fence, and after one too many attempts, he finally manages to break a section of the fence. This is common dog behaviour and these pets especially enjoy chewing on natural wood fence boards.

– Pests: Depending on where you live, different types of pests, bugs or termites can infest your fence posts or boards. Bees and wasps are common culprits and can build nests in your fence which can eventually become a threat to your home as well as the fence itself. Mold is another problem area with a fence. When you wash your fence, for example a vinyl fence, and if you don’t wipe off all traces of water properly, it can easily cause mold.

Replace or Repair?

The extent of damage done to your fence will determine whether you need to replace it or get it repaired. If you have a wood fence, environmental factors including those mentioned above will require repair work. If you notice your wooden fence is warping or splintering, then careful repairs can work just fine.

If you have a vinyl fence and you notice a small damaged section, then you can replace the area that has been affected. If several vinyl panels are affected, it may be best to replace the entire section.

Aluminium fences are one of the most long-lasting types and small parts may need to be repaired. The most common reason is shifting soil, which can loosen the fence posts. These types of fences require welding so it’s best not to attempt repairing or replacing these yourself.

If the repair will require too much time and money, then it may be best to replace the entire fence. If more than 20% of your fence has to be repaired, consider replacing the entire fence. If you are working with an old fence, then it may not be possible to repair it because the parts may be too old to be found in any shop, which leaves you with no choice but to replace the entire fence.


Use these tips to see why your fence might need to be repaired. Keep inspecting your fence frequently to spot any problem areas before they spiral and become bigger issues. Remember to always consult with a professional fence contractor such as All American Fence Erectors who can inspect your fence during a free consultation.