Duct Cleaning – Breathe Relaxed In Your Own Home

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Many times we are so busy in day-to-day happenings that the duct cleaning activity gets overlooked. But one thing that you need to remember well is that this is not just necessary for health reasons, it also helps in reducing your energy bills and enhances the durability of the system.

Duct Cleaning - Breathe Relaxed In Your Own Home

There is so much focus on duct cleaning because if not done on a regular basis the quality if the air indoors can drop down drastically. The main reason being, the reduction in the ventilation of air and more of insulation as there is less transfer of outside and inside air. Many times the pollutants enter the air but fail to go back out and only a few would escape out when doors or windows are opened. Not in every situation you can expect duct cleaning to work magic on the indoor air and clean it. However, there are a few situations where there are good chances that the cleaning would help you get rid of various contaminants like fungus, molds and even some microbes from an infected system.

You may not be aware of the fact there are two types of duct cleaning. One would include the system being connected to the duct and suction would be provided. As there would be dirt in the interior, the elimination would be made by a high-pressure air hose which when taken through the ducting would eliminate the various particles. The next type of cleaning makes use of some special bug vacuum that is connected to a brush and a hose, which passes through the duct. Choosing any of the above methods would provide you with excellent results as far as it is conducted by a well trained and experienced professional.

For the process to be conducted properly, every step of duct cleaning should be taken care of. The different parts that need to be checked on include registers, interiors of the duct as well as the insides of the cooling and heating system. Make sure that you clean the furnace fan without fail. In case you have a heat pump or even an air conditioning, cleaning of the coils is an important activity. After all this steps also, there might be some particles left behind. A disinfectant would help you eliminate the minute dirt particles as well.

Finally, one needs to add some cleaning solution into the system so that it can be deodorized. This would lock down the tiny particles stuck in the system and get them out of it. When all is done, there would be a pleasant smell in the air.

Duct Cleaning - Breathe Relaxed In Your Own Home

Considering all the cleaning processes involved, you might wonder how long will all of this take? This basically depends from house to house or the duct area needing to be cleaned, the average time taken would be approximately four to five hours. It would also depend on the number of cooling system in the house or the location of these. The service providers most of the times charge on the basis of square footage, number of systems or registers and also the levels that need to be cleaned. They would be charging on hourly basis. There would be some service providers who would be charging you less. However, be careful as they might charge you extra for the cleaning of the fans and coils. In this case you need to know that this would be illogical as the cleaning of fans or coils comes along the cleaning of the other parts. Extra charge is not required.

The above mentioned instructions would be of great assistance if you have any confusion regarding duct cleaning. Than please connect with us here.