Egypt Luxury Holidays In Port Ghalib

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The Nile Delta and the land of the Pharaohs is somewhere that once visited is never elapsed. Famous for its historical past, also Egypt is the best luxury destination for all those looking for water sport opportunities, from snorkelling to diving, or simply for those searching for the modern hotel or resort. The submerged flora and fauna are something unique, with one thousand species of fish in the Red Sea and one hundred fifty species of coral. To see these eye-catching life forms in the deep blue of Egyptian seas is a remarkable experience. No mention of Egypt can overlook its rich history; the Pyramids and the Sphinx is the apex of Egypt’s treasury of ancient ruins. If visiting Port Ghalib-the resort of Peace, why not enjoy close contact with the Egyptians’ favourite beast by taking a camel safari? Egypt provides a luxuriant tapestry of immersive experiences and culture; it will be a remarkable holiday.

Egypt Luxury Holidays In Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib is truly one of the best places for Egypt luxury holidays; this area is an exclusive new marina development north of Marsa Alam. Its international restaurant chains with tree lined quay brims, high-quality eateries, and a variety of up-market shops. Suppose you are interested in history, to the south of Marsa Alam is Wadi El Gamal, which explicates as Valley of the Camels. Within the environs of this national park is an ancient emerald mine, which presumably supplied Cleopatra with her favourite bit of bling.

The Beaches: Port Ghalib lines up an incomparable range of beaches, from popular stretches to free sands- footprint. The main one is Abu Dabbab Beach, is a stunning stretch of white sand with a roll call of water-sports, and a reef where giant turtles and dugongs are regularly seen. At the other end of the spectrum are beaches at Golaan and Honkorab in Wadi Gemal National Park, due south. Here, solitary mangroves poke out of duck-pond still waters and there is not a soul for miles around.

The Weather: Port Ghalib is widely known for its all year round good weather. While the climatic conditions are quite varied, its winter is not really as cold as a European winter. Summer is from June to August and is pleasingly hot up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain is not often an issue for summer holidays but on the whole it rains heavily during winter.

Conclusively, Egypt is the sort of place for those looking for a life experience with its history, fauna and camel rides and its water flora; it is a unique sort of holiday. We can provide these full experiences in luxury. Egypt caters for both technical and recreational diving. Those keen on history will be extremely gripped by the ancient ruins. The lovely weather is good for those wanting a soothing holiday enjoying sunny and hot weather.