Employee New Year Resolutions and What Employers Can Do To Help

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As we head toward the festive season, employers need to consider the role they can play in their employees fulfilling some of the New Year’s Resolution. After conducting survey with some professionals, Zigo.co.za discovered that 78% of set most of their resolutions based on their career; the question Zigo came away with from this survey is whether employers are aware of the pivotal role they play in their staff’s development.

Because employees spend a considerable amount of time in the workplace and rely on their jobs and careers to carry them through life; employers can help them achieve their resolutions by actively monitoring their progress and providing valuable and constructive feedback. This is usually invaluable to the employee as they understand which areas of their performance needs improvement and place a special focus on that.

Employee New Year Resolutions and What Employers Can Do To Help

Another aspect of beginning a New Year is actively monitoring absenteeism and leave trends; often employees suffer from a low morale and miss days at work due to this. Zigo has launched a new Leave Management Tracking system aimed at simplifying leave policies for employees, employers can easily track leave days. The employees apply for leave by logging into the system and requesting leave from the cloud based system which will either reject or accept the application based on the availability of days and task delegation.

South Africa also has a high unemployment rate meaning that many jobseekers’ resolution is to finally landing employment. People, who are looking jobs in South Africa, can also look for jobs on Zigo.co.za which aggregates jobs from South Africa’s leading website including Executive Placements and Job Placements.