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Getting a Tattoo – What to Consider

Getting a tattoo is a great idea for people who want something that reflects their principles and ethos. Evaldas Gulbinas is a professional tattoo artist who specializes in fine art and tattoos. Gulbinas formalized his passion for art by joining National M.K. Ciurlionis Art School in Vilnius, Lithuania at the age of thirteen. He pursued his passion further and completed his foundation in Art and Design from West Thames College. After graduating, he moved to London and acquired BA honors in Fine Arts and Mixed Media from the University of Westminster. He has worked as a professional tattoo artist for six years and has been featured in magazines such as “Skin Deep Tattoo”, “Total Tattoo”, and “Creates Magazine”.

Never get a tattoo on a whim

The word tattoo comes from Tahitian lingo. In the original version, it means “drawing of the mind”. So, do not bother to say that it’s a wise choice. It would be silly to give in to temptation. Anyway, the good tattoo artists will see that you are not “ready.” It will also be difficult to get a tattoo without making an appointment. The idea of getting a tattoo is often even the desire for a drawing or to express a particular message that will first prevail. Ask yourself the right questions. Why do you want to? Have you learned enough about the subject? Are you ready to wear it all your life? Will not you regret it and talk about error later? Do not rest assured that if you get tired of it, you can always erase it with a laser. If the results are much better than before, tattoo removal can leave scars. This must remain an option, very expensive, of last resort.

Think about the motive

If you really want to have a tattoo, but you have no idea what design you want to wear, chances are you’re influenced by a fashion, or an idea you have of tattooed people, and that you regret it very quickly. On the other hand, if it’s the desire for a message, to use your body as a means of expression or a particular design that is binding on you, you’re on the right track. Take your time, nothing presses, you will have it after all, just for you all your life. Make a drawing yourself, collect images and discuss with tattoo artists. They will have good advice and will sketch according to your indications. Obviously, a catalogue will be at your disposal, from which you can pick and choose.