Indian Navy | MH 60 Seahawk: Why India is in love with this ‘Romeo’ helicopter

Indian Navy | MH 60 Seahawk: Why India is in


Just ahead of US president Donald Trump’s maiden vacation to India, the authorities cleared a major defence procurement of 24 US-created MH-60 Romeo multirole helicopters value close to $2.5 billion for the Indian Navy.

Multi-position helicopters engage in a pretty key position in fashionable naval fleet functions and the Indian Navy was seeking to locate a best in shape for its operations for additional than a decade. These choppers supply crucial eyes, ears, and prolonged arms for the Navy to hunt enemy submarines and perform surveillance.

Here is all you need to know about the modern-day helicopters, and why India demands them:

  1. What is the use of MH-60 Romeo helicopters to the Indian Navy?
    The helicopters, with anti-area, anti-submarine warfare, research and rescue missions abilities, will establish to be a quite potent weapon versus climbing Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean Region.‘Romeo’ Seahawk helicopters have highly developed battle techniques like sensors, missiles, and torpedoes to track and hunt enemy boats and submarines. The helicopter can effortlessly strike dread in a submarine Captain’s mind.
  2. How does the MH-60 Romeo hunt submarines?
    It has a vary of radars and sensors to detect the submarine inside deep sea.Sonobuoy launcher and a Raytheon innovative airborne minimal-frequency (ALFS) dipping sonar to detect submarines at any depth.
  3. What are the weapons that the MH-60 Romeo helicopters can carry?
    The choppers will be armed with Hellfire missiles, precision get rid of weapon units, and MK 54 torpedoes.Anti-floor warfare missions: It can have weapons on the four weapons stations, like AGM-114 Hellfire anti-surface area missiles.

    Anti-submarine warfare: 3 ATK mk50 or mk46 lightweight torpedoes. 7.62 mm machine gun .

  4. What are the requirements of MH-60 Romeo?
    Climb charge: 8.38m/s
    Highest cruise velocity: 267km/h
    Assortment: 834 km
    Services ceiling: 3,438m
    Excess weight: 6,89 5kg
    Maximum take-off bodyweight: 10,659 kg
  5. How significantly does a Seahawk helicopter charge?
    $28 Million
  6. Who builds Black Hawk helicopter?
    Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin firm

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