Looking For A Reliable Local Ready Mix Supplier?

4 mins read

When looking for a local ready mix supplier who can mix on site cement and even screed, you have to do your homework. Check references and reviews to see if the company generally offers a good service and if there have been any major complaints in the past.  Once you have chosen your local ready mix supplier there are a number of other issues you have to take in to account when it comes to mix on site cement.

Weather conditions: Concrete should not be mixed or poured by any local ready mix supplier in extreme weather conditions. Heavy rains and extreme heat and cold can all effect your mix on site cement. Make sure that the days you will be working will take this in to account and be prepared to protect the cement with plastic or hessian in the event of a sudden shower.

Delivery time: Make sure to notify your local ready mix supplier at least 24 to 48 hours in advance to ensure that your delivery is on site when you need it.  Set a time in the day as well to ensure your mix on site cement is available when you need to use it.

Mixture Required: Different applications will require a different cement mix. If you are unsure of the right mix for your application, make sure you discuss it with an expert before you order your load.

Access to Site: Remember to take in to account the size of the mix on site cement truck as the truck can weigh up to 18 tons and might be up to 9 metres long. The truck will need to be able to access the site and turn around to leave once the delivery has been completed.

Time to Set: Mixtures can be added in to delay setting for up to a maximum of 3 hours, but in normal situations, cement will set in around 1 to 2 hours. This may be different in the case of extreme temperatures.  You need to ensure that you can use up your cement delivery in the time period or you may lose the balance of the cement.

Delivery Method: The cement can be offloaded in a specific area which can be used as a central area for your building supplies, or can be pumped directly in to a specific area, such as when a foundation is being laid. Mention to the staff if you require a concrete pumping service before your cement is delivered.

Washout: Please ensure that a washout area is provided so that the truck can clean out the pipeline, pumps and chutes before it sets. The water and segments should not go in to a drain, but rather into a hole or pre-set sandbagged area.

Complications: Remember to discuss all safety related issues as well as any known site issues with your local ready mix supplier. This will include services for difficult to pour areas, such as at heights or over longer distances.

Most of these issues can be addressed with your local ready mix supplier experts before you order your cement to ensure the process runs smoothly.