Modern Rituals: The Art of Calm

3 mins read

If you’ve come into adulthood over the past decade, you’re likely finding the world a stressful and even threatening place. A lot of the certainties we relied on in our childhood have been stripped away and recent political developments have shifted politics from a distant activity to something that turns family and friends to arguing in the pub. It’s seems hard to turn on the television or check your phone without learning something that adds to your already heavy load of stress.

In times like these it’s important to find calming rituals that let you reset your mind and face the day without anxiety.


Constructing rituals around going to bed can be a great way to shed the stress of the day. They also help you sleep! Starting your preparations for bed half an hour before you actually need to sleep means your body and brain begin to relax and unwind. The more you repeat the routine, the more your brain associates it with sleep and the easier it is to drift off!

You can build whatever routine works for you, but it’s worth cutting out using electrical devices and screens and including a warm shower or bath. Too hot or too cold will wake you up again but a moderately warm shower will help relax your muscles and cause a drop in your body temperature when you get out that signals your body it’s time to sleep.


Building a routine around shaving is a great way to ready yourself for the day. It’s a meditative process, as you strip away the bristles make sure you look like a civilised sophisticated man who’s ready for anything.

Building your shaving set is nice way to begin. For a proper wet shave you’ll need a brush (badger hair is the favoured material for these), shaving soap and a razor. Whether you keep your cartridge razor or decide to pick out a new safety razor, building a ritual around shaving is a great way to relax. It gives you five minutes alone in front of the mirror in the morning to reflect on the day to come, and how you’ll face the challenges you have in store.


Strange as it may seem, tidying up can be a calming ritual. We’re not talking about taking the bins out or scrubbing the toilet – finding homes for the clutter that’s taking up your living room creates a calmer environment for you, and creating order out of disorder is innately soothing. Exercising a small amount control over the things you can control helps to relieve the stress over the things you can’t control.