Most Important Environmental Issues Facing The World

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Our international government and all other national governments are making environment suit to us, but still there are some major issues we are facing every day, in saving our planet everyone efforts are same needed.

Here some are clearly explained that how they became major issues of our environment.


We all know how water is essential to our planet in these days, it is the source for all different species living on this planet, our world is covered with 75% of water but world population total 7.046 Billion only depends on 5% of water of it.  What if the water becomes toxic and we drink it?

We know! It’s very hard to imagine how water is getting polluted; the simple thing is many industries leaving the wastage to some canal or river; this may be a major problem for the people who live across the river or canal. Not only industries are part in polluting the water, there are many other ways.

 How to avoid it

The Industries must collect the wastage and use it as manure for trees and crops this helps to protect our environment for better future. Recycling the wastage can also keep our environment green and clean.

most important environmental issues facing the world


Deforestation is a big threat to our planet, forest is covered with land over 30%, and it helps us in preventing Floods, Sandstorms, and protects natural Habitat of wildlife. Forest helps us in protecting gaseous Carbon emission. If deforestation increases rapidly in future there may be a total extension of the ozone layer which protects us from direct sunlight. We knew it before that avoiding replanting will form a big disaster in feature for the next generations.

How to avoid it

If you think that if I alone stopped planting it doesn’t make a big difference. The thing is to remember that if you plant trees around your home, you may breathe fresh air daily and your neighbors too. Encourage your family and your neighbors, if you do this then you are part of our planet in protecting our environment.


Who the hell cares about the pollution in these days, they all deserve comfort everywhere for every unnecessary reason in these days, going to office on bicycle won’t bring down your prestige, but you may be impressed by someone to drive it. Maybe you are rich but it doesn’t mean that drive car and motorcycle when it is almost unnecessary.

For example 

Your office, college, or company which is around 5-10 miles it is not necessary to drive a car or motorcycle it is better to go on a bicycle, not only are you saving the environment, but also you are indirectly your  burning your cholesterol and gaining good health.

Just think of it.

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