Simple Scratch Map For Those Who Are A Bit Lazy

Simple Scratch Map For Those Who Are A Bit Lazy

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Have you been thinking of buying a scratch map since ages but the one thing that stops you from taking the plunge every time is the thought of all that hassle of getting a frame and hanging it. You can’t seem to make up your mind if you love the scratch map more or you love your ease more. Now you don’t have to choose. Luckies of London have now made their infamous original scratch map into a framed scratch map!

Simple Scratch Map For Those Who Are A Bit Lazy

Framed Scratch Map For Instant Fun: We get it, you need to recharge your batteries after all the planning, packing, traveling and exploring that you do as a globetrotter. After all, you need to conserve your energy and spend it on things that actually matter, like traveling. Who has the time to go through the trouble of finding the right sized frame, getting it mounted and then finally hanging it.That is why Luckies of London have come up with Framed Scratch Map Original. This scratch map has all the cool and simple characteristics of the original scratch map but it is already framed!Luckies know how to spoil the avid traveller and make their life easier.

  • Record Your Journey On A Simple Theme: This scratch map follows the humble theme of the original scratch off map and has a white glossy background. Gold coloured foil is used to hide the countries, scratch it off to reveal vibrant shades of colours ranging from red to green.
  • Real Wood Frame: Now to the actual thing! Luckies products are synonymous with quality, durability and the same is true when it comes to the frame. Unlike most imitators, this scratch map is framed and mounted in a 23mm wide flat picture frame made out of real pine wood. That’s right, no cheap plastic-ky frame, it is real pine wood painted white.
  • Make It Last Long: You would want to preserve this beautiful scratch map and that is why it is best to scratch the gold foil off with a coin. There is no glass on the frame, so all you got to do to make your personalized map is get a coin and scratch off the place you have visited.
  • Map of the World With All Essential Details:Framed Scratch Map Original is after all a map of the world and it contains things like:
    • All the state lines for USA and Australia along with provincial boundaries for Canada.
    • Topographic information about regions.
    • Major cities from around the world. All the capital cities are marked with a small star to distinguish them from the other cities.
  • Makes The Perfect Gift: This framed and ready to use scratch map is the ideal solution for a gift to any person who is passionate about traveling. Not only will this map look fantastic on any wall, it makes an incredibly thoughtful and personalized gift.

Summary: Framed Scratch Map Original has all the cool features of the original scratch map but it is already framed in a real wood frame. uthor Bio: Budd Arnold is a research assistant in a lab and often works tiresome hours. He loves to take trips to keep himself motivated.

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