Simple Tips to Exercise and Stay Fit at Home

3 mins read

Many people find it difficult to head to the gym on a daily basis. However, if you want to maintain your health, it’s recommended that you regularly hit the gym. However, if you can’t, there’s no need to worry. There are now a variety of different accessories and tools that you can use in order to exercise and stay fit at home. Can Muhammed Karagoz is a professional dancer, fitness trainer, an experienced performer, actor, and model. He’s also a nutritionist and has helped many people achieve their body goals. If you can’t make the time to go to the gym, here are some simple tips to help you out.

The Sacrosanct Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is never given enough importance as it is a formidable fitness accessory to maintain one’s fitness at home. Its full exercise solicits the lower body but also tones the abs, arms, and shoulders. Very easy to use, it is ideal for losing weight, having a flat stomach, gaining endurance, and avoiding cellulite problems. Start with 5 minutes of jumping then gradually increase to 15 minutes (equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging) to finally reach a training of 30 minutes. Train at any time at home (on a floor not too hard)!

The Exercise Bike to Keep Muscle Tone

It is the very symbol of working out at home. It helps to get in shape by improving your endurance; the muscle, without trauma to the joints, and it refines the silhouette and burns fat. Finally, the exercise bike is excellent for preserving the cardiovascular system. A word of advice: a good adjustment of the position is a guarantee that you won’t suffer lumbar pain so take a few minutes to heal your posture (saddle at the hips and leg slightly bent on the pedal).

Working out the Abs

Nothing like abdominal sheathing exercises to keep fit at home and especially strengthen the abdominal muscles. The basic exercise is the abdominal board: resting on the elbows and feet, contract the abdominals, and hold the position between 30 seconds and a minute. The body must be well aligned, as in the position of pumps. Do three sets with a recovery time of 30 seconds, 2-3 times a week. To work oblique, have one side rest on an elbow, feet, with your legs tight, hold the position or make small movements at the hips and pelvis. This will help strengthen your abdomen and get your abs in shape.