The Coming Beast Of All Time: Samsung Note 6

The Coming Beast Of All Time: Samsung Note 6

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They say good things come packed in small packets; I say amazing things come packed in the form of these 6 inch boxes! I am talking about the Galaxy Note 6 by Samsung. The smartphone series which has been among the top lists of Samsung ever since it’s first! The Note series has been my favorite of all times, though I haven’t had one *wink*

The Galaxy Note 6 is likely to have a bigger battery, faster processor, a 4K screen and 3D camera. Well, as fascinating as it sounds to be, let us have a closer look of the smartphone. As far as the rumors are concerned the Samsung Note 6 is likely to have a 30 MP front camera. Oh yes, this is surely one reason why the phone is a must have. Samsung seems to have swapped the cameras as per the needs of today for so much of selfie’s. The Galaxy Note 6 is likely to have a 7 MP front camera and so, work out well enough for all the selfie lovers.

The processor for the Galaxy Note 6 is to be a Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 2.9 ghz processor. Screen display would be 6” – 6.2” and not to forget the 4K screen display with at least 800 ppi. Other features include those such as Barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, SPO2 and thermometer.

The camera is one amazing thing that the phone has. Companies should do more of that! A better front camera is what everyone needs these days, and the rear ones will soon go missing.

However, that was all on features by the Note 6. Let us all hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 turns out to be a breakthrough among  the entire range of samrtphones by Samsung!

Everything about this phone seems to be really fascinating and amazingly set. A combination of the kind of features available in not just phones, but also tablets, a Phablet it is. And this one is likely to be the most amazing of all.

The Note 6 is expected to be up for sale by October next year, or September too! The earlier the better they say. But Smartphones like these tend to follow the opposite. First comes the rumors, then comes the spark with a leak or something’s, and then finally a couple of months before do we have the final features to see. Though, Apple is also preparing for it’s beast ipad air 4 this time.

The pricing will be 1100 USD. a phone which a idle class person will think for a hundred times, and later settle down for the little they can manage.

Smartphones are the new cool these days, and so there’s only more and more to Smartphones from the so many companies! There have been so many new companies trying to make a mark of their own, and have been pretty much succeeding at it too. And then there are companies like Apple and Samsung which have themselves to established, that all they need it a new phone, and there’s a wave of excitement among all the users!