Things You Should Know About Gripping in Baseball

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Baseball players should know a few things about hitting. It is among the most difficult tasks in baseball. You need to make a solid contact with a rapidly moving small object with the right part of your bat. The act of hitting the ball involves many parts of your body, from your feet to your head. The only way to improve is by practicing constantly. It takes time and plenty of effort to develop and produce a good hitter. Here are a few things you should know about achieving a solid hit:

  • Grip: A proper method of gripping your baseball bat will determine whether you can hit successfully. When gripping the bat, make sure that your hands can butt properly against one another. Fingers of both hand should be wrapped around the bat handle and make sure that your knuckles align with one another. You need to form the so-called door knocking fist when gripping your baseball bat. Don’t grasp the baseball bat like a club with the handle placed against the pals and deep in your hand. You should know that there’s little strength in your palms.
  • Stance: Proper stance could depend on the physical characteristics of each player. You have proper stance if your weight is evenly distributed, knees bend slightly, home plate is straddles, both feet are shoulder-width apart and you stand in the batter box. Hands should be positioned chest high and hold the bat behind your ear and over the rear shoulder slightly. When hitting, you should never rest your bat on the shoulder.

Baseball hitters should begin with the right mechanism, so they can initiate the hitting motion of the body. There are different ways to do starting mechanism. An easy method is by involving the front foot of the hitter. Lift your front foot about 2.5-inch off the ground. Then, move your front foot forward, just like taking a step. This should start the movement of your lower body. This way, you can create the explosive motion of your hit and you will be able to accelerate your hands, arms and shoulders through the proper hitting zone. Another starting method is nearly similar, but with the exception that you should lift your front foot about 2.5-inch off the ground, then set your front foot back down. You should do this without taking one step forward. By moving your hands up and down, you will start a body movement that allows for proper swinging motion. Coaches need to be careful when teaching this method to players, because a small difference in hand movements could affect the swing level negatively. When batting, baseball players need to be firm, so they can bound out the ball successfully. When getting ready, players just need to take their regular batting stance, while getting ready to hit the ball. Players need to listen to their coaches on how to bat properly. Without good stance and technique, there will be a moment of hesitation before the bat makes a contact with the ball, resulting in poor results.

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