Tips To Refresh The Front Of Your Home

Tips To Refresh The Front Of Your Home

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One of the most important things when it comes to home design, is creating a warm and welcoming environment that reflects your personality and style. Your home should be a place that you are proud of and look forward to coming home to after a long, hard day at work, so giving it a good tidy up, making small yet effective changes will help you to achieve the perfect look and atmosphere.

Tips To Refresh The Front Of Your Home


Over the years, the paintwork on your house can become worn and tired. No matter where you live or even what they weather is like, pain always fades and can start to look untidy. It’s amazing how much of a difference a fresh lick of paint can make and it will also add value to the property too. You then have the paintwork on your windows and doors to take into consideration. If the paintwork has begun to chip or wear badly, go over the area with a touch of paint and you’ll notice a huge difference to the overall look of your home straight away.

Update Your Entrance

A bold, stylish front door can transform your whole home in an instant. The moment someone looks at your house, their eyes are instantly drawn to the front door, so ensuring your entrance looks beautiful and inviting is key. You don’t have to make huge, drastic changes to your entrance, you’ll find that smaller, delicate changes can often have the largest effect. Consider re-painting your door in a bold colour that represents the rest of your home well. If you’re wanting to make a smaller change, swapping your current hardware for some new, bold pieces will instantly add character to your whole entrance. Consider updating your door handles, doorbell or even door knocker, as these features will complete the entrance perfectly.

Lighting is another great feature to include within your front entrance. Lighting is one element that can completely change the look and feel of an area, and soft, yellow-toned lighting around your home will create an instantly warm and welcoming feel.

The Driveway and Footpaths

No matter what the style of paving, driveways and footpaths can require a certain amount of care and attention to keep them in good condition. You often find that throughout the year, these areas can generate a lot of dirt and become dull and lifeless. One of the best ways to revive these two areas of your front garden is to give them a thorough hose down to remove any unwanted dirt that has settled onto the ground over time. It’s amazing how much lighter and neater this area will look once it’s had a wash down, and it’s recommended you do this at least once a month to keep on top of the dirt and prevent it becoming tough and difficult to remove.


When it comes to the garden at the front of the house, many are lucky to have a large space that has plenty of room to work with. This isn’t the case for all homes, however, and often many homes introduce gorgeous plants or climbers to add a little life to the front of the house. If you’re home has a front garden with a small lawn and some hedges, neatening these up will make your house look so much neater and complete. Leaving your lawn to become overgrown or messy will give others the impression that the inside of your home is the same!

Another great way to refresh your front garden is through introducing some privacy. Whilst it’s not always essential to keep your whole home hidden away, introducing some small fencing at the front of the garden with a gate will add a little privacy as well as security, whilst also giving your home an element of mystery. Head down to your local timber merchants to find the perfect style of fencing or even materials for a small wall to add that private touch to your front garden.