Top 5 Nations Powered By Solar Energy

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We are all aware that our nonrenewable resources are running thinner as years go by, but what are nations doing as a whole to keep energy flowing? Harnessing the power of solar energy has a high, long term profit margin and promotes “going green” on a global level!

Solar Energy is the way of the future, and this list provides the top five nations that are taking a huge step forward in the renewable energy business.

1. USA

Starting with the United States, 60% of the nation’s energy plants are located in California. Overall the US is responsible for seven percent of the worlds installed solar panels.

The forecast projects the United States will eventually take over production of solar energy from the leading competitor, Germany, in the next few years. The nation is looking into developing more panels across the states and continuing to progress large scale plants in California.

2. Germany

Germany for years has been working on sustaining solar energy for its population with it creating thirty one percent of the worlds installed solar energy. The nation plans are to eventually rely on nothing but its solar energy by the year 2050.

The nation actually produced so much solar energy that it had to export some of it to neighboring countries, as it did not have adequate storage, and is known for its predictably high taxation for these mega energy producing projects.

Top 5 Nations Powered By Solar Energy

3. China

With one of the main industries of the People’s Republic of China being solar energy, they are responsible for almost half of the global production. Unfortunately the nation is seen to of exported approximately 99% of all energy obtained by solar panels, leaving its population in the dark when it comes to reaping the benefits.

Yet there is a clear display of China’s willingness to use renewable energy resources over the years, as seen in the green promoting Olympics back in 2008 (20% of energy supplied through solar power).

4. Japan

In Japan over 9 billion dollars a year have been invested into the nation’s development of solar energy. There is a high usage of solar energy to supply electricity in public places such as schools issued by the government.

Taking the credit for the number one producer of solar panels, it competes with Germany and Italy for its production rate, astounding for a nation of its size.

5. Italy

Italy, focusing on its Apulia region in the south, has over 330,000 solar energy plants which not only improves its renewable energy output but also creates a great number of jobs. The amount of energy produced quadrupled between the years of 2009 and 2010 propelling them into one of the leading competitor spots for this energy source.

The major solar technology company that works within Italy to make these goals possible is Helios Technology, which is a global company based out of the UK.

Each country does its part in helping our global goal of reducing use of nonrenewable resources. Whether it be outsourcing its energy or attempting to completely sustain the nation on it, solar energy is picking up on a world wide scale.


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