Travelling Supports 5 Categories Of Travel App

Travelling Supports: 5 Categories Of Travel App

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Your Smartphone is your best friend in travelling. It means that since you buy it, you can download and install any applications that supporting your needs. These travel app categories are developed and designed to help you to manage your travelling:

Accommodation Apps

The first thing should have is, of course, accommodation apps. They certainly help you to find accommodation where you’ll stay at your destination. Accommodation app is generally designed for travellers to find places to stay overnight. Most of accommodation apps provide you lists ranging from hotel, apartment, guest house, to home stays which are available on your destination. You can install several apps like Airbnb, Agoda, Flipkey, etc.

Maps and Translation Apps

Google has made Google Maps and Google Translate that is accessible through any android Smartphone by installing or browsing them. These two apps are well-known to be very useful and helpful while you’re travelling abroad since they help you to find the way and communicate with local people so your vacation can be smooth as planned.

Transportation Apps

Today, there are tons of transportation application that most of them has the same idea that you can order any transportation wherever and whenever you are. It’s very helpful as you’re travelling to the other countries you’ll be reluctant to ride public transportation with carrying several suitcases and luggage.

Uber is one of the best transportations applications which is available in many countries. This app will help you get a vehicle in a very urgent time. All you have to do is opening app, ordering, is just waiting for the car pick you up. As traveller, you should be wise, it’s suggested to be more careful and selective while choosing drivers or destinations. Take advantage of app feature to gain some information.

Currency App

Although it’s an optional point, it’s okay for you to have currency app. With currency app, you can know currency exchange rates. Currency application can help you to estimate the prevailing exchange rates that day. So you can know how much money you will need during travelling and help you to manage budget.

Social Media

Social Media isn’t an actual travelling app. But, indeed, you’ll find your friend uploading their vacation photos, captioning them, sharing it along with the story. Despite of its sharing function, Social Media will provide you a dynamics source of information about personal experiences on vacation. It’s possible that you can set a meet up with your online friends whose countries you’re visiting.