C Programming

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Fresh2refresh is an online tutorial website that provides tutorials of C programming, C++, java tutorials, Unix, SQL, python and many more. The website has been around for a very long time and they have been doing a great job in terms of preparing the students for various types of computer programming. The website is for all the students willing to learn various kind of computer programming and is especially for those who are not able to afford the tuition for computer software development. The demand for this website is very high as Fresh2refresh teaches the students all the various kinds of programming from the very beginning to the end.

Structure in C

The C programming or the structure in C tutorials is used to explain variety of concepts that relate with C programming language. It is to be noted here that learning C programming is the beginning or the basics of learning all other kinds of programming. It is because all the other programming have their roots in the programming of C only. The other programming’s that are taught after C are C++, Java, Python and many more. All the other language programming of computer science has been derived from the structure of C programming only. The website is used for preparing various exams that relate to the computer programming’s.

The SQL tutorials

The SQL tutorials explain the concepts of Structured Query Language (SQL), that is the basic in order to understand what is database, tables and how in computer language data can be handled and even manipulated in a variety of servers and database like SQL servers, MY ACCESS and many more. In other words, it is used to maintain and create and even retrieve the relational database structure of various computer programming’s. It is to be noted here that SQL is not a programming language but is a language that is used for creating procedural extension. It is actually a matured programming language derived from the other languages.

About JSP

The full form of JSP is Java Server Pages and it is used for making dynamic web pages and web applications as well. It is developed in order to solve the drawbacks of Java Servlets. At the time of JSP’s inception, there was no separation between the business logic and the user interface. That is the reason why it was developed and produced with complete presentation of logic and web application, and later the business logic was separated from the presentation logic. In the present time, it is used for creating dynamic web pages based upon HTML, XML and various other documentations. It has also been created after the inception of the C Programming.

The inception of UNIX

UNIX is one of the high functioning, interactive and even multitasking computer operating system, which has a lot of uses. UNIX was created at the AT&T Bell laboratory in the later years of 1960’s, that was based upon an open architecture. In here most of the interfaces and inter-process communications are of a standard. It was made in order to simplify the expansion of the system operations and the developments of new systems along with its various application features.