10 Reasons To Accept A Job Transfer

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Your boss has approached you about a new job opportunity. But the only thing is this job is far away and that means you and your family will need to relocate. Making the move is one thing, but you’re not sure if you have enough good reasons to leave. Here’s 10 reasons to keep in mind as you contemplate whether to accept a job transfer or not.

10 Reasons To Accept A Job Transfer

1. For your career. Accepting a job transfer will help advance your career. In fact, it may provide the leverage you need to move forward. Consider moving on if your career aspirations will be met.

2. Making more money. A job transfer typically involves a promotion. A promotion means more money. If the increased funds and the cost of living where you will live do not negate your lifestyle, then making the move seems reasonable.

3. A change of scenery. Maybe you’ve tired of your community and could use a change. That’s what you’ll get by making a move. The move may take you from a teeming city to the bucolic suburbs. Or it may finally you take you away from a rural area that your family tired of.

4. Your family can grow. Moving can give your family the opportunity to grow. They’ll be exposed to a new place with a different culture, weather, living conditions and more. It will be a sort of cultural immersion they otherwise wouldn’t have experienced.

5. New friends await you. When you move, your old friends won’t disappear, but those relationships will most certainly change. New relationships will be formed, friendships forged, and your family will have the opportunity to do likewise. You’ll all become better people by the experience.

6. The company is on solid footing. If your company is in great shape, then making a move can provide better opportunities for you, no matter where you go. Switching to a new company and staying local may seem like a better idea, but that’s not a good move if the company is unstable or offers little room for personal growth.

7. The schools are great. With your children in tow, you care very much about their education. Schooling being a priority means you place a priority on learning. If the schools are great, then your reason for accepting a transfer has only gotten better. Don’t forget to check what the local colleges are like too.

8. Housing is ideal. Make a move to some areas and the cost of living will bite you. At the same time, you may find the new place has reasonable housing costs and lower overall expenses than where you presently live. If you take a beating on housing, then a move may not be right for you.

9. Your relocation costs are covered. Make a move and you’ll incur relocation expenses. But this becomes a non issue if your employer picks up your costs, including the sale of your home and the fees related to it. Your moving company costs will be included too.

10. The weather is better. For your mind’s sake, moving from a city that is cold and damp to one that is warm and dry may be a great reason to move. Weather is one factor, but it can be a big one at that. You may accept a transfer if your move takes you from Minneapolis or Cleveland to Orlando or Tucson.

Getting Your Move Right

In the end, moving is something that should just feel right. If it doesn’t then consider it an internal check, one that could help keep you from making a move you’ll regret later.