Triad – The Music

Setting the scene isn’t an easy task. Music is one of the key factors into setting the essence of any movie, video game or anything you see on a screen. How do you set the scene for a man who suffers from dissociative identity…

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Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner – Sting

According to Neil Tennant, people become emotionally frozen at whatever age they become famous. Michael Jackson was forever doomed to be age 10, and Van Morrison will never quite shake off the grumpy teenage frontman for Them. Yet Sting was already an articulate, erudite…

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An Insight Into Hiring Houston Jazz Ensembles

Opting for the services of multi-instrumental small groups of jazz musicians are turning out to be a dream come true situation for many people who are organizing various events. Jazz music has many styles and these small bands are more than adept when it…

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