Andrew Roth is a 5 year recovered alcohol-addict who has turned his written memoir into a one man performance piece in New York City. The actor/producer is set to perform the 90 minute live biographical performance with original music. “Roth’s Child – A Memoir”…

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Compiling A Cocktail Party Music Playlist

Music sets the mood for any event, and with the right kind, your office cocktail party could easily be memorable or another dull affair. For a seamless event, you’re recommended to prearrange a playlist. You can work alone or with a colleague to avoid…

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Isla Vista–The Rock Opera is a pioneer production in the largely unexplored genre of comedy musicals. The 6 Episode, 13 Song Musical Odyssey was written and directed by Adam Courtin. It celebrates the reign of youthful abandon in college towns like Isla Vista, and…

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