2 Important Building Blocks Of A Virtual Office

5 mins read

A virtual office means that you will no longer have to worry about carrying your data or application wherever you go. You will also not have to be concerned about leaving your data on the wrong system. The only thing you need is an internet connection and your business processes and teams keep working smoothly from any location. SharePoint Online Hosting offers so many benefits for your business. Find out which are the two most important building blocks for a virtual office.

Your Virtual Office’s Platform

There are so many advantages of having a virtual office. Your employees will become more active. You will have more flexibility and you can significantly reduce your overhead. Your business saves money on technology on one end while your productivity increases on the other. SharePoint Online allows you to eliminate the need for investing in the infrastructure required for your virtual office. It helps in eliminating downtime and you can always have 99.9% uptime.

You can easily put up your own website which can work as your point of interaction with all stakeholders – from your clients to team members. Build the website yourself in minutes without spending anything. Turn it into anything that either powers one aspect of your business or your entire business itself. It can work as your intranet or extranet, your standard website, a blog, a document management system, or a platform for communicating and sharing data or files with teams or even with clients.

Your virtual office allows you to manage your documents and tasks on the central location. This reduces the volume of emails you have to send and receive. All the documents are stored in one central place from where everyone can access them. Assign tasks to your team members and track them from anywhere.

Don’t Get Confined to the Desktop

With a virtual office, you and your employees are no longer limited by the need to be around a desktop. Your applications, data and file are stored on the cloud. You and your employees can access them anytime and from anywhere. Share, edit, save, and review work from any location. SharePoint also helps ensure that your data and work is always safe and secure.

What You Need


Apps4Rent allows you to have your own free hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013. Whether your business is in need of a data repository, a client-facing website, an intranet, a CMS or any other document management system or a site, CloudAppsPortal.com makes everything easy and cost-effective for you. You can also have a workflow designer set up to support your business.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Take advantage of the touch-friendly interface. Have your website, files, data, and tasks accessed from anywhere, at anytime and on any device. You can have your team access the website on any device: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, or BlackBerry. In other words, you will be carrying your office wherever you go.

Virtual Desktop


Apps4Rent offers cloud hosted desktops that help in significantly increasing your business’ efficiency and productivity. Clouddesktoponline.com will eliminate the need for getting access to your desktop every time. Your staff will be able to access your applications from anywhere and on any device. Your employees can readily access email, CRM/Sales, or any other applications when they are in the field or anywhere else. Everyone will have access to the virtual office via Remote Data Protocol or any browser.

Virtual Desktop Hosting

When you have Virtual Desktop Hosting on Apps4Rent’s servers, your business gets the true benefits of anywhere-anytime access. It also provides consistency in interfere for everyone in your team. You get high quality support, and the flexibility to scale as per your needs. You can determine which free themes, templates and apps are required to add the required functionality. All this also helps in ensuring cost savings. Thus, your virtual office will not only help you save time and resources, it will also help save money.