4 Secured Online Payment Options in India for Playing Rummy

4 mins read

The number of people signing up to play online rummy games in increasing as the internet data usage price is becoming cheaper day-by-day. The uncertainty of losing money is still there and people are still confused to bet on their money and play safe with it.

There is no such rule to make the payment first to play rummy online game. There are practice games to get to know how to play rummy online, get familiar with tips and tricks of the game and understand the rules of the game first. Once you have an idea about the online rummy game, got the confidence to move ahead from playing practice games to start playing real cash games, then you are on your way to play it big. But, the uncertainty of losing money when playing online is bothering you because you are new to the cash games and there are losing money online stories keeps lingering at the back of your mind. However, things are changed now. Playing online rummy is much safer and secure than before with online payments.

Let’s take a look at the e-Payment options in India which is preferred and having secured payment methods for playing rummy online.

  1. Credit Cards

    Credit cards are the most widely used payment option worldwide. MasterCard and Visa are the two commonly used cards for quick payments with security. The cards have their own reputation around the globe and when it comes to online transactions; it is the most preferred choice. The transactions happen through credit cards are highly secured with an added layer of protection for large payouts. There is a chargeback policy with the cards if there is any dispute in the transaction. So, there’s a sense of trust with cards for online rummy players.

  2. Debit Cards

    Debit cards are the second most preferred online payment option. It is no secret that anyone has a bank account should have a debit card. The transaction with a debit card is like the money will get debited from your bank account directly as soon as you use it. There’s no chargeback policy like the credit card here. However, you can have more control over your cash flow because of instant debit option from the bank account.

  3. E-Wallets

    E-Wallet is relatively a new option for Indian society. It comes with a unique payment concept which millennials are most likely using it especially after demonetization in India. E-Wallet will be the best choice for those who don’t want to use their credit or debit cards but, still wants to ensure online transaction safety. The e-wallets have both options to send and receive money. Just like any other online payment option, e-wallets are safe and 100% secured for making transactions.

  4. UPI Application

    UPI or Unified Payments Interface is yet another new wave in the Indian society after the demonetization. It is a mobile payment which allows you to make online transactions with the use of your smartphone without any worries about security in any case. The merchants just have to connect their bank accounts with UPI to send or receive money from their vendors. UPI is also equally secured just like other online payment options.

Knowing how to play rummy is cool but, playing cash games online is subject to financial and associated risks. So, we advise readers to double check the amount before investing.