4 SEO Tips To Shoot Up Your Law Firm Website Online

3 mins read

The digital business world poses a tough competition to the law firms where just having a website is not enough. You have to arm it up with search engine optimization strategies to leverage its ranks online. Internet is our go-to platform for every service we want to know about before we procure it. The same goes with the legal services. Your potential clients today are more likely to look for an attorney online when they need a legal representative. You are soon to lose out on your competitors is your website is not visible on top of search engines.

The good thing is that the post below shares some vital SEO tips to boost up the rank of your law firm over the search engine.

Equip your website and content with right keywords

According to SEO gurus, service-intent keywords are the heart and soul of the SEO strategy of your website. Focus on keywords that people usually type to look for legal services online. If you are focused on a specific city or State, mention the area in the keyword. Your keywords must also include your niche area of practice. A good example would be “Arizona criminal lawyer” or “CA PI attorney”. Don’t forget to get a comparative study between your chosen keywords and those used by your competitors. Stress on low-competition but highly competitive keywords.

One tip- It has been observed that “attorney” pulls more searches online compared to “lawyer”.

CTA buttons are important

Online rankings are largely determined by the popularity level of a website. A law firm website which boasts high conversion rates would automatically garner a top rank over Google search engine. The CTA (Call-To-Action) button is vital to convert a visitor into a client. Thus, the button must be placed strategically on the website to ensure an easy visibility to the visitors. If they can’t find the button at one glance, they will soon move to your competitor. The best place to place the CTA button on a website is on the banner on top. You can also place it at the right side in a different color, just over your contact form.

Source quality and relevant links

According to leading law firm SEO company Gladiator Law Marketing , link building is a vital part of the SEO campaign of a website. Gather links from authority and popular websites which are directly contextual to the legal industry. Some of the best sites here are Justia, NOLO, AVVO etc.

Tips on content

It’s better to have the content for your website written by a legal pro. Each web page must focus on a specific legal area. Focus on crisp, informative and well articulated content.