4 Steps to Achieving Fast Workout Result

3 mins read

Working out has become incredibly big as a business sector in the past couple of years. It has been stated how over 20% of the world’s population now works out regularly (almost on a daily basis). Compared to 2016, this has been a net 300% increase which is very likely to grow even more in the future due to the fact that companies, governments and social media personalities and influencers are pushing this very matter. With this being said, having a proper workout into place is definitely mandatory in 2019 and, therefore, let’s analyse the absolute best regime you should take into consideration.


Step 1: Cardio And Vascular 

Cardio is something which basically everyone hates. It’s stressful, painful and really not enjoyable under any point of view but is that one part of working out which gives you results within the shortest timeframe. In order to use cardio workouts better, you should, first of all, have a nice fitness clothing piece on you, to be comfortable. Then, it’s all a matter of alternating it with weights and heavy lifting. Trust me, cardio gives great results, don’t underestimate it. 


Step 2: Squats 


Want to know which is the universally hated exercise for muscle building and definition? Squats. Mainly because they are normally associated with leg-day (which, let’s be honest, everyone hates), squats are, unfortunately, something for which you should dedicate at least 20% of your workout. Even without an actual weight on your shoulders, squatting is extremely powerful for quick results, keep that in mind! 


Step 3: Hyper Cardio

As said above, everyone hates cardio but… have you ever heard of hyper cardio? The idea behind it is relatively simple: you are alternating 20 minutes of slow cardio (i.e. running or else) with excruciating and ultra powerful sprints, ideally with high slope. This activates the entirety of your muscles, giving you extremely big results within a very short timeframe. 


Step 4 (mandatory): Diet 

It’s not a secret that your diet is 70% of your actual workout. The fuel you are introducing in your body will give you extremely good results or very poor ones. It’s important to eat very lightly before working out and add quick, simple proteins after. This just so your body can better burn fat and assimilate the proteins which are due to build your muscular mass. Keeping this in mind is something which will heavily change your workout game.