5 Most Popular Swimming Styles

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Being one of the most fun sports activities, swimming offers a variety of styles. There are a few usual ones that amateurs can perform, along with other complex ones that professionals as well as trained swimmers can enjoy. There are various popular styles that are common almost everywhere, and they are useful for different purposes like strengthening the muscles, casual swimming, and competitions, among other things. These popular styles are used by seasoned swimmers quite regularly, while the ones learning can pick them up after some practice. It is important to use the right kind of swimwear to master these styles, and one can find that on websites such as ProSwimwear. Listed are a few of the most popular swimming styles. Let’s take a look.

5 Most Popular Swimming Styles

1. Freestyle

One of the most popular of the swimming styles is the Freestyle stroke or the front crawl. It is the fastest stroke in swimming, and also the most efficient one; widely used in competitions. It consists of circling the arm forward, and kicking the feet up and down alternatively as the arms move. Beginners are usually taught to master this stroke after the first few swimming lessons, as it is the most extensively used stroke in swimming. Not a very complex one to master, the front crawl is also one of the most enjoyable strokes in swimming due to its fast paced movements and swift arm-leg alternations.

2. Butterfly

Another of the competitive ones, the Butterfly stroke is also the most intriguing one. It uses the complex technique of the dolphin kick synchronizing with the arm-movement, and the head lifting above the water for breathing. Known to be the most difficult style among swimmers, the Butterfly stroke is much more complex than the usual swimming styles that beginners use. It requires a lot of practice and unwavering concentration. This style is widely used in competitions, but only the most trained swimmers are known to have mastered it.

3. Breast stroke

The Breast stroke is the most popular style of swimming. Beginners usually start learning with this style, for it uses a simple technique, and is easy to execute. Casual swimmers prefer this stroke due to its simplicity and the fact that it does not have any breathing hassles. It is easier to master, but it is also the slowest of the swimming strokes. During competitions, it requires more strength and stamina to move faster, owing to its slow nature. Even though it is the slowest, the Breast stroke is also the oldest of the swim strokes.

4. Side stroke

The asymmetrical arm movements with the swimmer’s body inclined to the side is why this stroke is named the Side stroke. Often this technique is used to swim long distances, since it provides more endurance. It involves the scissor kick, and this style of swimming is known to have evolved from the Breast stroke since some found it a bit painful. Changing sides while doing this stroke strengthens the muscles, since they get to relax when on one side. This style of swimming is not used in competitions; but casual yet avid swimmers do practice it for the endurance it offers.

5. Back stroke

The leg movement – known as ‘flutter kick’ – in the Back stroke is similar to that of Freestyle, except in this style of swimming, one is on the back as the name suggests. Back stroke is not the fastest style, but it is swifter than the Breast stroke. It provides a tremendous workout for the back muscles, and is prescribed to those with back problems. The arms move in a circular motion, and there is above water recovery, making this style of swimming not an entirely complex one.

The different kinds of strokes in swimming each have their own benefits and unique qualities. Swimmers all over the world use these styles, making the experience of swimming a challenging and gratifying one. Some styles may be difficult and some may be easy, but they are interesting to swimmers all the same.