5 Perfect Places At Home To Get A Funny Party Picture

5 Perfect Places At Home To Get A Funny Party Picture

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I know what you’re thinking – scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, everyone seems to be having a better time than you. Their photos are much cooler and everyone seems to be having a great time. But unless you’re Dan Bilzerian, every party feels the same (and that’s coming from someone who’s seen a fair share of parties). In order to get that perfect party pic, you don’t need to be somewhere special. You don’t need a yacht or to climb to the very top of Mount Kilimanjaro to have everyone aweing at your photos. All it takes are a couple of good friends and some imagination.

Here are a couple of places and ideas at home to get a funny party picture:


Those with an overload of morals will probably say it’s wrong, but adding food to your photos can be hilarious. No, I don’t mean snapping food, I mean adding them! Using lettuce as a wig, or tomatoes as your nose makes for a hilarious photo. It’s simple and very effective.


Going to a Los Angeles photo booth might be the perfect solution in terms of lighting, but if you’re not in LA, your bathroom will suffice. Why? For two reasons. First of all, the bathroom has the best possible lighting in the house, as your mother has probably designed it to put makeup there, which means she needs good lighting. Second, the bathroom has been so bastardized by teenage girls taking selfies that it’s now become extremely hilarious taking pictures there. Enter the bathtub and strike a pose – you don’t even need the mirror!

5 Perfect Places At Home To Get A Funny Party Picture


Getting a good party photo takes imagination and improvisation. If you have a couple of chairs around, you can most definitely use them, be it to sit your friends around in different positions, or to place them on top of one another, to create a makeshift photo booth. Add a lamp or two and you got yourself the perfect party pic maker!


You know those photos when everyone jumps at the same time and gets caught on the photo in mid-air? Well, that’s even better when you do it from a bed, as the bed can act as a trampoline of sorts, giving you extra height and speed. And with a lower shutter-speed camera, the images can get a bit blurry making for the perfectly dynamic party photo.


If you have a flat rooftop, there is probably no better place to take the perfect party photo than that. Getting a panoramic view of Los Angeles, or wherever you seem to be living at the moment is a great add-on to any picture, and given the fact that you’re out in the open, lighting definitely won’t be a problem.

You see, there is no need to go to that special place to get the perfect party picture. Great photos to spark those awesome memories can be made within a small apartment, as long as you’re surrounded by good friends and have a bit of imagination. Besides, you can always hit up professional studios, like Splendid Studio – http://www.splendidstudiobooth.com for example, to get great ideas on perfect pics.