5 Reasons To Invest In Content Building

5 Reasons To Invest In Content Building

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What is Content Building?

Asking marketing experts to define “Content Building”, “Content Marketing” would reveal multiple versions of the same purpose, which is to spread the word about a brand, business products, education, social activities, and so on.

It is the process of valuable content creation, publishing, and distribution targeting audience to get more organic search traffic, engage customers, and make sales.

Valuable content formats can vary from text material, to pictures, videos, music, presentation, charts and graphs, and not limited to statistics.

Why is it important?

In simple words, “To be available for your target audience”. Andrew Gazdecki in his blog post “Why you small business should have A Content Marketing Strategy” showing real business examples of businesses who succeeded taking advantage of content and increase their sales utilizing content building and content marketing.

1. Get indexed in search engines

Probably the most obvious reason for marketers to be found via search engines. Google has set the scene since long time since they regulated the search industry standards and forced others to follow. According to Google known guidelines, traditional meta-data does not weight that much; it is good and quality content, the more the better. Other search engines followed the same trend and implemented similar algorithms to do indexing based on content. Google as the leading search engine worldwide is the model, they do not trust any content anymore, their indexing algorithm is doing complex analysis on content to tag it as relevant content and then index it. Once you pass Google indexing criteria, be sure other search engines will do better indexing for you to be found.

2. Promote your product or service

People interest differ, they are searching for their interest using keywords, and you know your services and products very well. It is your responsibility to choose the right product naming, services wording, and start to write about your products and services based on your target audience interest and your products offering.

Some people will target your products and services from reading about them, others will land on your website accidentally via a link from other website mentioning your products and services or talking about them.

3. Spread the word of small tips to use your product or service

The more you write about your products and services, the more you will be found on the internet, you do not need to write a lengthy article describing your products and services all the time, instead write regularly about them. Make is as a habit to write small tip explaining specific feature or promoting the value of your products and services, and publish, do not forget to lead your readers to more information you wrote previously about your products and services; many readers are looking for information once your small tips touch their interest. Do some reading about the Google algorithm impact on your content indexing.

4. Engage readers and influence consumer decision

Encourage your readers to write their comments or share it via channels you provide. People engagement with your products and services lead to more awareness; do more influence on people decisions to buy or consumer your products and services. Consumer comments, feedback influence other consumers to know more about your products and services. People are not interested in your company; they are interested about the value they gain from your products and services.

5.    Attract actual buyers

Building a good website for selling your products and service is your baseline to deal with your customers. Writing content about your products and services is the magnet to bring them to your website, once your readers landed on your website; it is your actual job to make sales. Spreading the word about your products and services attract more readers, attracting readers to know about your products and services generate more leads to your sales figures.

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