5 Sites Where You Can Find People That Will Pay You To Write

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Here is the most exciting part of working as a freelance article writer: you are in charge of finding your own work.

I know that doesn’t sound like something that would be the best part. But, the work is so easy to find that you will soon realize that you can take on as much work as you want. There are tons of people just aching to find a good article writer. When I say tons, I mean thousands… tens of thousands of people are practically foaming at the mouth to get their hands on a good writer.

The Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is one of the oldest and longest standing Internet marketing forums around. It might sound like I am lying here, but literally millions of dollars in business goes through that forum every year, probably even every month! There are tons of marketers who buy and sell products and services at the warrior forum.

If you visit www.warriorforum.com and open up a membership, I suggest that you use your real name instead of a phony user name. It will help you seem more professional and credible.

Visit the Warrior Forum (www.warriorforum.com) and post an ad for your writing services in the Warriors For Hire section. You could also think about posting in the Warrior Special Offer section. Yes, this particular technique will cost you – after all, the owner of the Warrior Forum has to make money somehow.

Before you actually put your ad together, take some time to look at other ads that have been posted by successful writers and model your ad after theirs. If you find another writer that is advertising their services, look at the number of responses that the post has. If there are a lot of responses, that probably means that they sell a lot of writing. So, think about modelling your ad after theirs. Don’t copy, but use some of the same principles. What exactly do they talk about? What format do they use? What does the headline of their ad say?

Make sure that you check your grammar and spelling – if you can come up with an acceptable ad, I can almost guarantee that you’ll quickly start getting orders.

Stay active on this forum for a while and you’ll start to see people talking about their need for a good writer. It would be acceptable for you to send a private message to these people and offer them your services, just don’t send a bunch of private messages to random members or you’ll find your account suspended for SPAMMING.

Digital Point Forums

There is tons of work to be found in the Digital Point forums at www.forums.digitalpoint.com – you just need to start looking. There is a board on these forums called ‘Buy, Sell, Trade’ and you can post your services there for free as long as you have 15 posts to your name.

Look around the entire forum and contact members who are talking about their need for a writer. Offer your services to these members through a private message.

Freelancing websites

These are absolutely essential to freelance writers. Elance.com is a good example of a freelancing website.  Scan through the ‘Writing and Translation’ sections of these web sites to find people who want to hire you.


Many people don’t realize it, but people are almost always looking for writers on Craigslist (www.craigslist.com). This website is one of the most popular and widespread ‘classified ads’ sites on the net.

Yes, Craigslist is separated by city and people usually post their classified ads in the city in which they live. But, since you work on the Internet, you don’t actually have to be in the city where a writing job has been posted posted. You can apply to almost any writing job.

Just visit the Craigslist site of a few populated cities and find the section labeled ‘Jobs’. Underneath this main category, you can find the subcategory of ‘writing/editing’. This is almost an untapped resource because not too many people think about applying for writing jobs through Craigslist.


If you visit www.usfreeads.com, you will see that it is a great way to post an ad for your writing service. All you need to do is post a free classified ad in the ‘Services’ section. As long as you don’t put any vulgarities in your ad, it should go live instantly.

Put some basic information and maybe even some links to samples of your writing that you have posted somewhere online. Then, give some contact information so someone can contact you if they are interested.

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