5 Tips to Build the Ultimate Gaming Setup at Home

4 mins read

There are two types of gamers in the world. Ones who love gaming and then there are the one who really really love video games. It doesn’t matter if you are just a casual pastime gamer or heavily obsessed with gaming, having a sophisticated gaming setup is something that you would really take pride in.

If you are beginner, you might be thinking of establishing a setup of your PC gaming. If so, give a quick read this guide. We have compiled a list of some 5 tips that you can use to create a sophisticated gaming set up.

  1. It All Starts with a Good Chair

Having a good PC is no brainer, so I have decided to skip the obvious. The thing that comes right after having a good PC is a good gaming chair.

The problem with many gamers is that they often undermine the importance of a good chair. As a result, gamers not only have a bad gaming experience but also face chronological pains in the back. As a serious gamer, you spend hours on the chair so it is important that you spend a few dollars and get a gaming chair and abandon that low quality plastic chair.


  1. Find The Right Desk

The desk is something that hosts the entire gaming activity so it the center of your entire gaming experience. A desk can get critical importance at those crucial final seconds in the game where you cannot afford to make a mistake. Though, there is no specific guide on how to choosing the right gaming gaming chair as this is something that is subjective to your needs, however, pick the one that feels comfortable and you can proudly show off.

  1. Get a Good Game Controller for Your PC

Gaming controller is also something that has a great influence on your gaming experience. Many controllers that come with gaming consoles are usually compatible with the PC. For instance, you can use Xbox wireless controllers on your PC with windows 10 and it will work as good as a wired controller can. There are several wired and wireless option available and range from as low as low 20$ and may go all the way up to 200$ depending upon the quality and options.

  1. Finding the Appropriate Lighting

Smart lighting can be used for more than just putting the lights on and off. You can use smart lightbulbs to make your gaming experience much better by harmonizing the lights with beats and rhythm of the game. Smart lightning can make your entire room a living visualizer. You can not of smart lightening bulbs from companies like Phillips and Nzxt and take your gaming experience to whole another level.

  1. Using a Projector for Gaming

Choosing the right projector for gaming can be tricky. The key is to get a project that has lumen count appropriate for your gaming setup. A good gaming projector is the one that has low response time and offers impeccable image resolution suitable for your needs. If you like playing games in a dark room without much ambient like, a project with 1.500lm will be perfect for you. However, if you have a gaming with Signiant ambient light pouring in, you will require a projector with 3,000lm or more.