5 ways to maintain an hourglass figure

5 Ways To Maintain An Hourglass Figure For A Long Time

4 mins read

Social media is buzzing with models that have the perfect bodies which give us nothing but inspiration (and envy!). The hourglass figure is the rage of today and we need to hold on to it for as long as we can. It is considered much more difficult to maintain your weight and proportions than losing weight or in fact getting to those measurements. To ease you into the maintenance phase, I’ve got five ways for you to hold on to your beautiful physique for as long as possible. They are:

  1. Workout

This one’s a given. Working out gets you to your hourglass body and it definitely helps you maintain it as well. To maintain your physique it is imperative that you work out regularly. The type of workouts don’t really matter at this point but getting your body moving is the main goal.

Working out can be overwhelming and absorbing but you have to make time for what’s important. YouTube is a great source for that. It’s free and just a click away! Your best bet is to do the 20-30 minutes workouts that have been uploaded by great instructors like that of Blogilates and Jillan Micheals which will help you maintain your shape on your own convenience.

  1. Watch your Cravings

Moderation is the key. It is okay to indulge in or in fact, give in to your sweet cravings sometimes but make sure they are in a balance. Having a block of chocolate once a week or a drink on Saturday night is fine but make sure these things don’t make it to your daily routine. It is vital to be mindful of your diet and definitely the cravings that swing by every once in a while.

  1. No Emotional Eating

With the ever growing work at office or the stress which comes with exam week can really get you off the trails. Most ladies at such instances turn towards food to relieve stress which leads to overeating. The best tip to keep you from such habits is to never have any junk food or anything which you think will hinder you from maintaining your figure at home. When you don’t have any processed foods, you’re bound to turn to fruits and vegetables and other healthier options on the go or say, while pulling an all-nighter.

  1. Get Tons of Sleep

Sleep is very important. We need almost eight hours each night for a healthy lifestyle. It is important you get a decent number of hours to maintain your body shape. When you don’t sleep enough, you tend to not just get fussy the next morning but are also lethargic. This keeps you from working out and definitely affects your performance at work adversely. With that being said, the best way to go to sleep early is to switch off any electronics around you starting from your phone and of course that laptop! Following that, you can light some candles and even run a bath if you have time to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Weigh Yourself

To maintain your hourglass body, it is important for you to weigh yourself regularly. By regularly, I definitely don’t mean each day or each week, twice a month or even once a month would suffice.

Weighing yourself will help you keep track of your body and maintain that beautiful figure you currently possess.