6 Innovative Marketing Tactics To Inspire Your Next Campaign

6 Innovative Marketing Tactics To Inspire Your Next Campaign

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Great marketing is all about adapting to consumer behavior while also embracing new technologies and strategies. Marketing requires you to maintain a strong customer focus while also taking time to create a solid customer experience. Innovative marketing means thinking outside of the box, experimenting, and taking risks. In today’s ever-growing business world, the most successful companies are those that ride the cutting edge.

Here are 6 innovative marketing tactics (that actually worked) to inspire your next marketing campaign.

  1. Nike’s Twitter Customer Service

Nike has taken its customer support to a new level. Not only does the company have a variety of social media profiles, it also runs a @NikeSupport Twitter account that is meant solely for customer support.

The page is a prime example of how to provide customer support in the age of instant responses. The page answers questions about their app, technical website problems, and even posts updates. Nike also provides support in various languages including Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, and German. By having a separate Twitter handle for customer support, the customer doesn’t have to worry about clogging their other handles.

Key takeaway: Being friendly and approachable in the digital world is beneficial. Provide instant customer service to a world that’s expected on demand and your customers will be happy.

  1. Rolex’s Flawless Instagram Posts

Rolex is one of those companies that is truly timeless. The company has built a brand known for its reliability. But, Rolex and other timeless companies face the difficulty of bringing a fresh and innovative voice to an otherwise old-fashioned brand. While there’s all sorts of ways to do this, Rolex has embraced using amazing product images on social media. Who knew a watch could look so dreamy and perfect? The company routinely posts images on Instagram that are minimalist, sleek, and eye-catching. The style of photography and videography fits the brand perfectly.

Key takeaway: Sometimes quality outweighs quality. Timeless doesn’t have to be traditional and boring.

  1. IKEA Embraces Augmented Reality

IKEA has had huge success since its launch in 1943. The company spans 46 countries and is well-praised for its furniture that can be assembled without tools. Like most furniture companies, IKEA provides printed catalogs each calendar year. In 2013, the company took things a step further by offering a Catalog app. The app not only lets users virtually browse the catalog, but users can also use augmented reality to see how a specific item would look in their home. This capability adds a whole new level of personalization into the buying cycle.

Key takeaways: Mobile apps are good. But, mobile apps are even better when you incorporate today’s top technologies. Most customers are visual learners that have come to expect quality.  If your mobile app frustrates the users more than it helps them, you’re going to have a problem.

  1. Denny’s Tumblr

When you think of social media, you likely think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But, unlike most companies, Denny’s has embraced using Tumblr as a way to get involved with its customers and to stay relevant. The chain diner’s Tumblr blog is outright hilarious. The company posts memes and images that range from clever, to weird, to rolling on the floor laughing.

The page works flawlessly with the brand’s voice and keeps in line with its “don’t be too serious” personality. Denny’s has thousands of followers and has been recognized by top sites such as Buzzfeed and Marketingland.

Key takeaways: Make your voice stand out. Embrace weirdness, some customers love it.

  1. Whole Foods’ Educational Campaign

Whole Foods has created a brand that portrays the company as more than just a grocery store. The brand has aligned itself as a lifestyle choice as well as a company that promotes earth-conscious eating and healthy living. On the Whole Food’s website there is an abundance of articles about eating healthy, recipes, and ways to save money even when shopping at an upscale grocery store. All of the content that is produced is highly inclusive and truly customer-focused.

Key takeaways: Provide inclusive content. Set yourself apart from your industry and identify what makes you an expert in your field. Finding a niche can boost your success.

  1. Coca-Cola’s Personal Yet Universal Experience

Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign has made it fun and special to drink soda. By printing individual names on cans and bottles, consumers flocked to stores to find their name. There’s nothing more exciting than finding your name bold and center on a Coke product! The company’s second iteration allowed consumers to add personal messages to their Coke bottles, creating a highly-interactive and truly unique product.

Key takeaways: Personalization always wins. Consumers like a unique and shareable experience.


As marketing trends change, your company must be flexible enough to embrace these new strategies and technologies. Falling behind the marketing curve can cause a loss of leads and a decrease in profits. If you’re looking for some ideas for your upcoming innovative marketing campaign, keep these 6 strategies in mind.