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Solar installers in Perth will have the right skills and knowledge to assist you in accordance with the codes and standards using schematics, instructions, and drawings. So, they will guide you to choose the right off-grid solar power system in Perth as per your requirement.

1. Value of the Australian dollar.

It is a well-known fact that the 75% components that are installed in the solar system or off-grid solar power system in Western Australia. The installation price is highly affected due to the decline in the Australian dollar.

If we check the guide roughly, the decline of every one cent $AUD against the $USD will increase the cost by $2,700 of 100kW solar system.

There have been predictions by analysts that there will be continues fall in Australian Dollars.

2. Reduced discounts under RET (Government’s Renewable Energy Target).

There are significant incentives provided by the government for solar. A 100kW commercial solar system can get $81,000 worth of STCs (Small Technology Certificates) under the RET. In this scenario, a solar system installer will offer you an immediate discount for the system cost.

The value of STCs is still subject to fluctuations. Currently, STCs are holding around $40 which is the maximum. If there is a drop for demand in STCs, then the value will decline, which means that the upfront discount offered on the STC will fall on the certificates in exchange for the price of the systems.

3. Increase in costs of grid connection.

If the penetration level of the solar power increase then there will be an increase in the networks of electricity in Western Australia. Hence, the commercial system above 30kw will require NVD protection. This protection can add more value to the pricing of the system.

4.  Electrical safety

Solar installers in Perth are the licensed electricians. If you do not have the proper skills then it is always good to hire these experts to do your rooftop solar installations. Suppose a solar power system is not properly connected to the power supply then there won’t be an effective operation. Any mistake during the process of installation can affect your property and safety.

5. Warranty

The most modern solar system comes with an adequate warranty period. However, some manufacturers would not cover your modules if a certified solar installer has not done the installation. The warranty which they gave would be null and void if you do the installation process all by yourself. So, it is a wise decision to hire an experienced and licensed solar power installers in Perth.

6.  Safety equipment

You may not have the right equipment and tools to install the solar system. Furthermore, you may require a ladder or tan power drill to install these systems (devices). The tools that are used for the installation are quite expensive. If you hire a professional installer, they would be equipped with the specialized tools and equipment that will help you to do your job faster and effectively.

Final Note

To conclude, when you hire a solar installer in Perth make sure you check the reviews of the installers. Make sure to check with their existing clients about their experience.