6 Spectacular Sports You Never Thought You’d Try

6 Spectacular Sports You Never Thought You’d Try

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The world of extreme sports grows everyday as crazy people invent new ways to push the limits. Here is a list of 6 spectacular sports that sound scary but just might be your next adventure.

6 Spectacular Sports You Never Thought You’d Try

1. Skydiving with Ski’s On?

Heli-skiing is the sport of jumping from a helicopter with your skis or snowboard already on. Only for advanced skiers, heli-skiing allows access to untouched terrain which would be impossible to reach without a helicopter. Heli-skiers boast that they can ski on the world’s deepest, softest powder.

2. Volcano Surfing

Guided tours in Nicaragua will lead you up the summit of the Cerro Negro Volcano. After a steep hike to the top, you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding scenery and check out the deep crater which often releases smoke and gas.

But the fun part comes during the descent. There are two ways to head down the volcano: by foot or by board. For extreme downhill runners, the trip to the bottom is about ten minutes of thrilling jumping and sliding in your tennis shoes or skateboarding shoes. The other option is to ride a small wooden board down the volcanic slope. Much like sledding or snowboarding, sandboarders can try standing or sit out the ride.

3. Spelunking

For those who want to explore but can’t find a big enough wilderness left on top of the ground, it might just be time to go underground. Called spelunking in the U.S. and Canada and potholing in the U.K., caving, as it is most commonly known, involves the recreational exploration of wild cave systems. While navigating through a treacherous cave, cavers will negotiate pitches, squeezes and water.

4. Base Jumping

Similar to sky diving, base jumping involves falling from a high rock face or into a gigantic cave. Not for the faint of heart, base jumping is an incredibly dangerous sport which requires training and mentoring before an attempt. But for thrill seekers, there is nothing quite like hurtling off a cliff to the base below with only a parachute to pull for protection.

6 Spectacular Sports You Never Thought You'd Try

5. Zorbing

Invented in New Zealand, zorbing involves rolling downhill in a transparent plastic ball. It is also known as sphereing, orbing and globe-riding.

Similar to zorbing is the Nuclear Globe which allows you to walk on water inside a giant inflatable ball. The Nuclear Globe is equipped with gripping exterior to paddle through the water as the person inside spins it by walking.

6. Loose Rope Walking

Seemingly the inverse of tight rope walking, slacklining involves fastening a taut rope between to anchor points a few feet above ground. Then the slackliner moves across the nylon strip engaging his or her core muscles to balance. Beginners are often assisted with a pole to use as a cane on the ground. Slacklining is easily portable and can be performed almost anywhere that two trees or other anchors provide sturdy posts.

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