8 Health Benefits Of Yoga

3 mins read

Yoga is an ancient practice proven to have many benefits for the mind, body and soul. It has long been popular with everyone from fitness fanatics to casual exercisers. Whether you prefer to do yoga in the comfort of your own home, or attend classes with your friends at the gym, here are 8 key health benefits of yoga:



  • Improves Flexibility


Due to the nature of the movements and stretches, yoga can greatly improve your overall flexibility. Many a lifestyle and fashion blog say this is one the top reasons people start yoga in the first place. It helps to tone the muscles and can also improve your balance.



  • Helps You Relax


After a stressful week, the last thing you might want to do is vigorous exercise. Yoga is a fantastic alternative because it also helps you relax while working your muscles. It promotes inner calmness, giving you time to focus on your mind as you exhale during each stretch.



  • Aids Weight Loss


Though it’s not exactly the same as a cardio workout, yoga can actually help you lose weight. Gentle yoga can fuel your metabolic activity in your body, while also maintaining normal hormonal balance. This is particularly effective for anyone with an injury who wants to exercise but can’t do anything too strenuous.



  • Increases Energy


The breathing techniques during yoga can make you feel more revitalised and alert, increasing your energy levels. It also enables energy circulation through your body.



  • Reduces Inflammation


For many who suffer with illness or diseases, exercise may not be an option. However, yoga can help with inflammation, which is ideal for anyone with issues. The slow and precise movements can also help to work the muscles.



  • Betters Sleep


After yoga you may feel so relaxed that you could go to sleep in your womens sleepwear! Studies show that yoga can help improve your sleep and the duration as well. Because your mind and body is relaxed, it can help you drift off into a deeper, uninterrupted sleep.



  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health


Research has shown that yoga may improve cardiovascular health by improving blood pressure. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, it can help to lower blood pressure and decrease diseases associated with the heart.



  • Improves Mood


Yoga can help improve your mood because of its ability to calm the mind. It promotes the release of ‘happy endorphin’ serotonin, making you feel more content. It’s also been proven to help with those who suffer from depression and anxiety.