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8 Tips To Save The Environment

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It is simple and the most important thing to do. Taking steps to better care and reusing the power of wastage. You can do your part of work in saving Environment by conserving light energy, water, gas etc.

What is actually happening?

People getting lazy growing overweight is simply because of luxury life. It’s all connected to each other when you think of it. What is luxury life? People never walk on the steps at their company, office, Home instead they use the elevator, people never walk for even getting their breakfast, lunch, dinner within nearby places,  they use motorcycles, cars which is almost unnecessary to do some simple things.

Tips 1

Walk in the steps at your company, office, house which increase you breathe respiratory system and blood circulation that keeps you healthy. By doing this you are unknowingly saving electricity and gaining some health too.

Tip 2

It is not necessary to always use a motorcycle and cars to go nearby places, to get your food or visiting your neighbor’s home, etc. It is better to have a bicycle instead of walking to go nearby places; driving bicycle also reduces carbon emission. Driving bicycle daily is a good exercise and also increases height growth in young people.

8 Tips To Save The Environment

Tip 3

If you are not using them, then turn it off. People often make wastage of electricity unknowingly for example, like Television, Computer, lights and so on. It is better to put timers on everything which uses electricity, this will automatically turn off the unwanted usage and save electricity. Make it a routine habit of work shutting the lights, computer, and television when power is off or when you leave the House.

Tip 4

If you have a budget of exchanging your car or motorcycle it is better to purchase a Biofuel motor instead of traditional Petroleum, gas Motor. It may cost more comparing to your earlier motor, but good for the environment.

Tip 5

Collect rain water and utilize it for plant growth and to clean your cars/ motorcycle, you can use it for flushing toilets. It brings down using electricity and many more benefits.

Tip 6

Plant trees as many as you want around your home. This brings back the freshness of pure oxygen.

Tip 7

Make a habit of using solar energy stove, battery chargers, lamps, Battery generator, Flash light, this will reduce the consumption of electricity.

Tip 8

Stop using plastic bags when you shop for anything, it is better to carry your own bags. This will process reduces our landfills.