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A Few Ways To Keep Your House Move Eco Friendly

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Moving house can be a very stressful time for anyone, and it’s understandable that thinking green might not be at the top of your list of things to do during this busy time. However, there are a few simple ideas to keep in mind that might save you money as well as doing your bit for the environment. If you want help or advice it is highly recommended to call dependable and professional removals company to help you out with all the work every home moving causes.

Clearing Out

Before the big day, think ‘do I need to take all of this with me?’ Bearing in mind you’re probably paying quite a lot money, and consuming a lot of energy, to take all your stuff to the new house – so why pay to take things you don’t really need or use?

People accumulate a lot of stuff over even a very short amount of time so, chances are, you’ll have quite a few things you won’t need. But rather than just binning it, how about selling it on one of many internet auction sites? This way you can make some money back off unwanted goods and help other people into the bargain. If you don’t think anyone would want to pay for it, consider putting it up on a message board or classified site for free. Someone might want your old stuff, and it going to a new home is better for the environment than it going to the landfill.

Also remember, to carefully consider your food purchases in the weeks and days leading up to your move. Try not overstock on frozen or refrigerated goods as you will only have to get rid of them on the day. If you do have any leftovers that you can’t take with you, think about handing them out to your neighbours. That way no food is wasted, as food wastage is a big problem in Western countries.

A Few Ways To Keep Your House Move Eco Friendly

Wrapping Up

Bubble wrap and polystyrene are expensive and terrible for the environment, so try to avoid using them when packing easily breakable or valuable possessions. Instead, use other things that you would already be bringing along with you – wrapping a TV or computer screen in a duvet, coat or blanket instead saves you both money and packing space. If you run out of blankets, or feel you need some extra layers of protection, then layers of newspaper and/or old magazines also make a perfectly usable packing material (although be aware that print from old newspapers can damage some items, so be careful).


Depending on how big your move is, and how many cars in your family, it might be cost effective (and energy efficient) to hire a van for the move. If the number of journeys required is less if you hire a van, then this the better option as overall it will save energy compared to several trips with smaller loads in cars. If you have access to several cars, or can rope in a friend or family member with an extra car to help then it might cheaper this way but if you truly want to keep your move green then a van is probably the best bet. (Unless, of course, you can walk it but obviously for most people this is not an option!).