Accelerating Videos With The Movavi Video Editor Review

Accelerating Videos With The Movavi Video Editor Review

3 mins read

Want to ‘speed up’ part of your video to show some fast-paced action or even to create a comedic and funny effect? Being able to accelerate the speed of a video is a useful tool when you’re editing it, and although it may seem like it would be difficult to do it actually isn’t with the Movavi Video Editor.

Assuming your video is ready for editing, all you need to do to accelerate it is:

  • Add the video to the software by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and selecting it. If you want to add video from a DVD just click on the ‘Add DVD’ button instead.
  • Go to the ‘Media’ tab and you’ll see the video that you just added right there. Drag and drop it into the ‘Timeline’ that will be located below.
  • To change the video speed just click the ‘Speed’ button located above the ‘Timeline’ or alternatively you could right-click the video on the ‘Timeline’ and select the ‘Speed’ option.
  • A new tab called ‘Clip Property – Speed’ will open up and there’ll be a slider that will allow you to adjust the speed of the video to up to 10 times its regular speed.
  • When you do change the speed of your video, the speed of the audio will be altered as well and it may start to sound ‘squeaky’. To fix that, reduce the volume of the video to zero by clicking the ‘Volume’ button on the left of the video on the ‘Timeline’. Then drag and drop the video from the ‘Media’ tab once again, but this time place it in the audio track and trim the unnecessary bits away.
  • Play the final video once or twice to check that everything looks good and if you’re satisfied then save it using one of the presets to automatically optimize it for your device or platform.

Aside from being able to speed up video, the Movavi Video Editor is also capable of enhancing the video quality, adding customizable text, inserting special effects or filters, trimming or combining video clips, and much more. Try out some of these features before you save your video to get it to look and feel exactly the way that you want it to. Assuming you’re going for the ‘old comedy’ look you may want to try a ‘black and white’ or ‘sepia’ filter to give it that tone.

Keep experimenting and trying new things – you may surprise yourself at what you’re able to create with this intuitive and user-friendly video editor at your fingertips. The only limit will be the boundaries of your own creativity.