Advantages Of Wind Power

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Renewable energy is one of the ways we have to supply us with energy for use in our industry and daily activities, and are a permanent support, giving them a distinct advantage over fossil fuels and also pollutants are finding it in crisis. The kinetic energy generated by the wind and converted into electricity is a kind of green energy being used massively in the world, being the most popular, so we thought it would be good to have the advantages of wind energy. Its main advantage is the aforementioned ability to be inexhaustible and clean energy because the wind does not produce harmful emissions to the environment and does not deplete over time.

Wind power has clear environmental advantages compared with conventional energy sources. Its advantages are characterized by their low environmental impact, significantly lower than the conventional energy sources.

The environmental benefits we can define as the ratio of impacts that do not occur and are attributable to other energy.

  • No mining, i.e. no large ground movements, and sediment transport, or alteration of watercourses or particulate contamination or accumulation of radioactive waste…
  • No metallurgical or processing of fuel or, what is the same, no large energy consumption, or radioactive waste or transport problem or oil spills, air pollution or refineries, or gas explosions or chemical agents very aggressive …
  • There is also no fuel combustion and fission, which means no nuclear accidents, spills “controlled” radioactive products, emissions of CO 2 and other greenhouse gases triggers climate change, acid pollutants, toxic gases, thermal pollution …
  • No waste is generated, so no dumps, which can also burn or control radioactive waste now for generations, in hundreds and thousands of years, that inhabit the planet will inherit from us.
  • Thanks to the wind and the entire infrastructure that carries a significant number of jobs generated;

In judging the impacts of a wind farm is to be compared to energy sources will replace it and the same requirement to produce minimal environmental impact should apply both to the wind farm as conventional power plants or nuclear power.

Although, from the beginning, has been treated as a wind power green energy, remember that all energy manipulation involves an environmental impact and wind is no exception; therefore, implementation and subsequent operation of a wind farm requires a continuous process of environmental control by recovery plans and monitoring programs.