All You Need to Know About Generator Repair

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Generac generators produce electric power without the vital connection to the power grid; they can produce tremendous amounts of power depending on their size and configuration. However, like all other mechanical objects, they can break down once in a while and a generator repair expert has to be sought. While generator repair is a tricky exercise it is an important part of generator service; remember that a home generator must operate at its optimum for you to be able to get the required service delivery.


Just like every other industrial machinery you know, backup generators for home have different moving parts and as a result of this, you must always make sure that all repair jobs are done by a licensed electrical contractor who is qualified to deal with the type of generator you own. If you take time to know the basic structure and function of different parts of your generac generator, you could have a slight idea of the types of generator repair you will require as well as the frequency for generator service.

The generators such as those that are used for commercial purposes are alternators and they come with both rotating and stationary winding. The rotating winding produces direct current while the stationary winding produces alternating current. The rotating winder creates a great amount of friction which is the main reason it becomes the part that almost always requires some sort of repair.  It is possible for the winding to become broken or worn-out so that is some cases you need a complete replacement. There are also other fittings and connections that are part of the winding and you need to have them checked on a regular basis to see whether they need to be repaired or replaced.

Stationary winding for generators requires a regime of routine maintenance so it can be checked constantly for cracks, other forms of damage of whether they have become worn out completely in which case replacement becomes necessary. There are other pieces in the winding such as connectors that can easily get damaged or broken out of prolonged use and someone needs to check on them on a regular basis. There are also brushes for the alternating generator where replacement of brushes needs to be done regularly; it is the brushes that convey the current from the winding. The other alternators that don’t use brushed have a motor shaft through which power is conveyed and it also needs to be checked regularly.

The most important process in generator repair is being able to locate electric contractors who are competent enough to handle your generac generator. Always make sure that the electrician you use is licensed and experienced enough to handle the model of your generator so as to minimize the need for frequent repairs.