All You Need To Know About Jazz

All You Need To Know About Jazz

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As Art Blakey once said, “It takes an intelligent ear to listen to Jazz”. Indeed, Jazz is a kind of music which sounds soothing to a few and cacophony to the others. But, if you are having a party and want to crank it up a notch, then there’s nothing like Jazz for parties!

If you want to serenade your girlfriend on a romantic candle light dinner, no other music would be as effective as Jazz. It is not just these two, there are several other occasions where jazz is the only way to go. Jazz also has a certain theme to it. If you are having a jazz party, there are a few things like the food, the dress code, and the decorations which need a match too. You can call a quartet or a jazz duo for parties to make your evening splendid.

If you are amongst the few who have an ear for this, then there are a few do’s and don’ts you should know about. Let us first start with the do’s.

Jazz is Best when Seen Live

The main reason you should see jazz live is because, there is no fixed thing when playing jazz. Hence, there is a lot of elbow room for spontaneity and this is best experienced when you can catch a jazz show live. The other thing is, many jazz musicians think that improvising always works, but this might not be the case. But, when it hits the right chords and the right strings, there’s no stopping it. It will flatter you and you would not know what and where it hit you! It is even better than getting a duo for parties at your house.

All You Need To Know About Jazz

Jazz is best listened to When Played by a Jazz Duo

If you are thinking of gathering your jazz loving friends for a get together, but do not understand what to play for them, you can easily call for jazz group for parties at your house. It is amazing to just sip some wine and listen to some amazing jazz music in serenity. You can visit Festmusik Jazz dk or anyone else to call for your party.

Now let’s talk about some don’ts.

You should never, never, never and never think about jazz as music of Oldies

The only thing which is the barrier in jazz music is the liking. If you have a liking for jazz music, it then does not matter what your age is. One should never think about jazz as something only your grandfather or father would listen to. If you have the ear for it, then jazz would prove to be the best thing you have ever heard.

People should never just assume that they don’t like Jazz

So, you heard someone say that they found jazz very boring and didn’t like it! Based on their experience, you also decided to never hear jazz! That is wrong. You should never just assume that you don’t like jazz based on someone else’s experience. The field of jazz is so wide. If you don’t like a guitar, you might like a vocalist! If not a vocalist, then may be a saxophone! Don’t just give up on assumptions. Try and check for yourself!

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Frank Spark is a music expert and makes you understand the connection of music with human hearts. The jazz duo for parties can stimulate your inclination towards jazz music even more, if you are not biased by any opinion. You can visit Festmusik Jazz dk for more options.