Apps That Kill Your Android Phone’s Battery

Apps That Kill Your Android Phone’s Battery

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There are countless applications available on different platforms. Facebook and snapchat are among the worst culprits for draining battery life. Whatever your interests, you will inevitably find your app. applications that have been downloaded thousands or even millions of times. Some of the apps consume a lot of battery. Here are the most energy-intensive applications. These may include some of your favorite apps.

Apps That Kill Your Android Phone’s Battery

Facebook and Messenger

Facebook and Facebook Messenger are among the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS. These apps can harm to your battery. Facebook is a real chasm between battery life and for lack of optimization on the part of the developers. This is bad news since this application is also very energy intensive. Fortunately, if you have this problem, you need to download  lighter versions called Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.


Like Facebook, Snapchat is one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store. But again, it’s a real chasm for your battery. Not only when you use the application.

Indeed, Snapchat remains active in the background and consumes a lot of energy. Rather than removing the application, it is recommended to check that is running or not in the background to limit its impact on the battery life of your smartphone.

Microsoft Outlook

Is there really need to present Outlook? Microsoft’s email service has been around for many years and it’s only natural that it’s right for its application. Problem: it is incomparably heavy.

Beyond offering a user experience that is not the best,  This app drains my battery so much. you need to Find the best free Outlook replacements to manage your email, there are much better ones that will allow you to access your Outlook email.


Yes, Tinder is the heaviest encounter application. Of course, we are talking about energy consumption. The most famous, but also the most downloaded dating apps are also the one that does the most harm to your battery. Like Snapchat, she updates her information as a backdrop so that you are immediately informed of a match. Practical but also very energy-intensive.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon has become the number 1 online retail platform. Today we find everything on Amazon: books, DVDs, video games, but also laundry or diapers. To facilitate access to its online store, the giant has launched an application. The Amazon Shopping app is indeed very energy intensive. We, therefore, advise you to go through your mobile browser to access the mobile version of the Amazon site.

YouTube, Netflix, OCS: Streaming Applications

Almost a third of TV viewers reckon that the quality of programmes got worse, users are increasingly turning to applications like YouTube, Netflix or OCS view videos they like. But for a use in mobility, it will be necessary to provide an external charger.

Because streaming video applications are generally very energy intensive. Firstly because they require a good connection to the mobile network or wifi and are therefore in constant search, the video in full screen consumes energy. There is no magic solution except to save a maximum of videos in offline mode at home to be able to save a little mobility by looking at the contents without having to solicit the network.

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