Artificial Intelligence – Changing Lives, one Life at a Time

3 mins read

Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of different fields these days. With the passage of time, advancements in technology have made artificial intelligence more and more prominent. From its use in video games, to professional fields, artificial intelligence is here to stay. However, as we continue to explore the boundaries of AI, it is expected that within the next few years, millions of jobs will be taken away, and replaced by robots powered with artificial intelligence. As an example, myKlovr is at the forefront of AI tech, certainly when it comes to education, with one catch – it is firmly dedicated to making college available to every person, regardless of socio-economic status and ethnic background.

MyKlovr, a media division of Student Global LLC, is an AI based college guidance counselor, which utilizes predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms, to provide each individual student and his/her parents, with a personalized blue print of their college path.

The program is the first ever virtual college counselor based on AI, and the first to be used to level the playing field – it has been called – the great college application equalizer. The secret sauce behind the predictive analytics power of the platform is, simply put – the ability of the machine to teach itself what it needs to learn. The program allows for a wide variety of variables, and takes into account, not only standardized tests, but the student as a whole. It takes a holistic look at a number of factors, helping to determine a specific road map to be followed by each individual student. MyKlovr is affordable. Contrary to college counselors and private advisors, which can cost $5000, to over $100,000, per year, myKlovr costs less than $250 per year. It is a no brainer!

Of note, is that MyKlovr acquired Christopher Bot, a company founded by fourteen year old Canadian student, Alec Jones. After the acquisition was complete, the company started a program called For Students, By Students. The program makes use of artificial intelligence, in order to break down a student’s educational goals, into achievable segments, which they can then pursue and tackle individually.

The above is but one instance of how AI is currently changing lives. It is expected the trend will continue into new and different avenues, ranging from education to medical applications. We are likely to see many myKlovr’s in different industries and sectors in the next decade.