Bananaman Movie Planned For 2015

Bananaman Movie Planned For 2015

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Anything Superman can do, Bananaman can do excessively – just with more potassium. Furthermore a crow. The smoothie-seasoned superhero could be – ye gads – the most recent children’s movement to take off into preparation as a motion picture. Those sharp-looked at sorts at Den Of Geek have detected another site,, recently propelled and guaranteeing three things: a 2015 discharge date, an Elstree Studio base and some repulsive plays on words. Also as you know, we like a repulsive joke around here. “Peel the Power!”

Made by John Geering 35 years back, the man-of-peel has had a home in both The Beano and The Dandy. He is, obviously, standard schoolboy Eric Wimp who, in an affectionate pastiche of Marvel legends, is converted into a yellow-clad flying, super-quality ubermensch by the merest snack of one of his five a day.

Bananaman Movie Planned For 2015

In the event that this site does indicate a film in the works – regardless its an “if” – the movie producers could go down the Spider-Man 3/Sinister Six course and laden the motion picture with villainy. We may, for example, wind up with such youth nasties as Kiwi Fruit Girl, Doctor Gloom, outsider huge bads the Nerks, Mouseman and old Empire adversary, Fat Cat. We’re wholly unsure of how Mouseman and Fat Cat would cooperate however it would presumably include a considerable amount of murmuring and tree-climbing.

On the off chance that they choose that an excess of villainy would weaken the virtue of the narrating and run with a Man Of Steel-style cause story, hope to see infant Eric landing on Earth from the moon and taking in the tremendous force managed him by the humble banana. You can just about hear the Hans Zimmer score signali

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