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Best analytics skills to boost your resume!

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Increasing demand for digitalisation and automation has given rise to lucrative fields like data analytics, data science and Big data engineering. Jobs in such fields not only offer great salary packages but also good opportunities for growth and security. At a time when traditional jobs are being increasingly replaced by new-age roles, it is of extreme importance that job seekers and ambitious individuals acquire skills to grab such lucrative opportunities in the field of digital technology.

Python and R

Python and R, both carry good advantages and are highly in demand. Both are programming languages, highly popular among data analysts and data scientists all around the globe and both are comprehensive packages enabling users to perform analytics tasks with ease. While Python is an object-oriented, high level programming language which is easy to master, R is a high-level statistical language preferred by Professionals for its range of advantages in data science.

  • Being open source, Python and R are free to use and thereby are preferred by most analytics start-ups as a cost-effective solution. Thus, there is a huge demand for analysts with Python or R skills!
  • Python and R offers dedicated packages for analytics which are instrumental in performing tasks like data munging, data manipulation and analysis.
  • AI, ML and DL are gaining much importance in analytics and knowing Python or R can be extremely helpful in developing AI, ML or DL implemented machines.

Premium software suits like Tableau and SAS

The prominence of GUI based software suits has been on the rise thanks to increasing drive for digitization. Tableau and SAS offer great advantages over Python and R because one does not need to have prior knowledge of programming in order to master either of the platforms. With simple point and click features, performing data science and analytics activities on Tableau and SAS is very easy and time saving as you do not need to use coding!

  • Being paid tools, both offer unrivalled data security which is very important for any business organization today.
  • Enforcing data driven strategies is absolutely hassle free as mastering SAS or Tableau is not difficult at all.
  • SAS in particular is in high demand because flourishing organizations like Facebook, Bank of America and Instagram use SAS. Moreover, in Malaysia where the digital economy is experiencing a tremendous boom, acquiring skills from an SAS training institute carries added advantage because of the demand.

Choose wisely!

Skills in the fields of data science and data analytics offers great opportunity but selecting the most suitable yet in demand tool is the trick behind success in data science. If you are comfortable with programming then go for Python or R, if not then a training in Tableau or SAS training institute should be your choice.