Best Health Apps For Workouts

Best Health Apps For Workouts

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It’s never been easier to track your fitness and hit your goals by using gyms, personal trainers and apps. Apps are likely to be the easiest and cheapest option to add into your routine, and with the latest app development, you can input your height, weight and goals to create a plan that best suits your long term fitness. But which one should you download? Here’s a look at 4 of the most downloaded apps online.


Having a personal trainer has never been easier, Fitplan allows you to workout with a PT from home. With step by step training for industry professionals, you can choose your fitness goals and PT’s will review it and offer guidance. So if you’re not one for having a stranger stand over you in a gym telling you what to do, the Fitplan is the choice to pick.


A really popular app for users wanting to track their diet. The food diary included within the app offers an easy to use system that offers nutritional advice on millions of different foods. You can set your goals which are usually to  either lose weight or gain muscle and the app will give you a detailed analysis of what you’re eating and what you need to change.


offersing 30 new classes every week, and with more than 2,500 classes on the app in total. Aaptiv’s goal is to give their users a similar  experience to a boutique fitness class all in the comfort of your own home. But you can also use the classes to educate yourself before you head out for a run or to the gym. Classes include stretching, running, strength and yoga.


Whether you’re running, cycling or any other cardio workout, keeping track of your performance is the key to hitting your goals and improving on them. With an app such as Runtastic, you’re able to create goals, use the built in GPS to record your routes and share your success with friends to keep you motivated. It’s an easy to use app that gives you everything you need from a cardio workout and it’s free!