Biomechanical Factors to Achieve Effective Golf Swings

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Golf is one of the less physically intense sports, but still allow players gain moderate intensity of physical movements, through long-distance walk and well conditioned swings. There are many methods to improve performance in gold. Golfers also need to understand the anatomical condition of their body to achieve better results. As an example, they may focus on the core, that is all muscles from under the chest up until to the hips. There are muscles that can ensure good performance in golf, such as low back, side abdominals, abdominals, glutes and hamstrings. Golfers should focus on specific muscle groups to improve their performance. They should know how golf swings can be related to their core muscles. They should be able to achieve coordination, balance, speed of motion and range of motion. In this case, golfers should know how to define proper range of motion. It is indicated by the proper distance that their body parts can move during specific activities. Swinging golf club is similar to walking and it is related to specific range of motion. Each muscle of our body needs to travel to specific distance to achieve a good swing.

Golfers should know at what extent their bodies are allowed to rotate. Follow through, down swing and back swing require extensive examinations on how each muscle moves. If there are limitations, they could limit the actual performance of the golfer and it means that they won’t be able to achieve best results. In this case, golfers should know how to achieve greater motion range to improve their performance. By having a greater range of motion, golfers are able to generate more power. Range of motion is a relevant topic if golfers want to evaluate their golf swings. It is important that golfers are able to use different range of motions of a very short period of time. In the end, all of our effort should be directed on how to achieve more power output, so the golf ball can be thrown farther. Balance is also an important component for success in golfing. In general, balance can be defined as the stability of our whole body during specific movements. As an example, we should be able to define and maintain a proper center of gravity. It means that all core muscles should rotate properly around a defined center of axis. If we ignore the center axis, our body will become imbalanced and accuracy will suffer.

In general, consistency and accuracy can be achieved through excellent stability. Core muscles that are moved and rotated properly contribute significantly to the overall stability of our body. This is especially true during golf swing. Coordination is also important and it is the ability to activate our body parts sequentially, so desired, accurate and powerful  movements can be achieved. Players should be able to coordinate all parts of their body to create the powerful golf swing. All muscles should explode at the right moment to hit the ball farther. Coordination is also needed to control the body to hit the ball accurately.

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