Building Your Rep Step by Step

4 mins read

In the working world, nothing will take you further than your reputation. Yes there is some heft in the combination of your credentials and experience but let’s face facts – who doesn’t have both of these things today? What will set you apart from the crowd (and it’s a big crowd!) is your reputation. What exactly comprises someone’s professional reputation? Well, there are a few things that will be considered – Are you a person of integrity? Do you complete projects successfully and take poignant initiative? Are you considered an approachable, knowledgeable, professional person to work with? Do you have notable projects or assignments under your professional belt? Do people seek out your contribution when managing their own projects? Are you someone who acknowledges and adheres to the tenets of confidentiality? These are just a few of the things that people will ask when they want to know more about you. It is often said that character is who we really are and reputation is merely what people think of us – no truer words have ever been spoken. But in a business-driven world it would not do you well to shirk the opinions your peers, current and potential employers as well as clients have of you.

The combination of all these opinions are fodder for your reputation and with the strength and popularity of the internet – finding out what people are thinking and saying about you is not that difficult. When it comes to online reputation management, while it is easy to find out what people think about you, it is not always that easy to censor or edit. Poor personal reviews or published opinions can have disastrous effects on your career and the worst incidence of this is when the opinions that are published are baseless and merely malicious. The internet is a powerful tool and not everyone has the best intentions at heart. Why not have a look at this list we’ve compiled of tips to help you build your rep, both online and offline, step by step?

  1. As an active professional, you need to make it a habit of actively checking your online reviews. The same way in which you will check your email every morning, have a look at your professional reviews every day. When you keep abreast of this information in real time you will be able to spot and rectify anything negative before it can have a negative impact.
  2. When you find negative reviews, don’t dismiss them off the cuff. Go to the source whenever possible and try to resolve the grouse one on one. Many times people will leave poor reviews when they feel slighted, when promises were broken or they feel that value was not delivered. Even if there’s nothing you can do personally to alleviate the situation, nothing can smooth things out like a personal apology.
  3. At a domestic level, you will have to do some personal outreach. On social networking platforms there has been something of a free for all with people posting pictures and statues thoughtlessly. Many employers and clients use these networks too and you can bet your bottom dollar they will look you up. If you know that there are some less than flattering pictures or comments up on your friends’ profiles, send them direct messages or even call them and ask them to remove these.